David Tennant Starring In New Series Inspired By Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

David Tennant

Every classic horror or fantasy property finds itself being rebooted, remade and reinvented in perpetuity. Just look at Universal’s stable of classic monsters; it’s been less than four years since the Dark Universe imploded at the first hurdle, but there are already upwards of a dozen projects in various stage of development, at least four of which involve Dracula in some fashion.

However, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hasn’t been tackled anywhere near as often, despite the titular split personalities entering the cultural lexicon a long time ago. That’s all about to change, though, with former Doctor Who David Tennant set to headline and executive produce a new spin on the story as a Peacock original series.

As per Deadline, Tennant will play a disgraced journalist that stumbles on a story with the potential to resurrect his career, who becomes targeted for assassination after discovering much more than he was supposed to. Going on the run, everyone around him starts to either go missing or turn up dead, before he suffers an accident that causes some serious side effects.

That’s an interesting spin on the story, taking the standard Jekyll and Hyde tropes to wrap them around an intense crime thriller with both procedural and mystery elements. Known as Hide, the show could end up generating plenty of buzz whenever it lands on NBCUniversal’s platform. After all, fantasy and horror TV are big business these days, and Tennant’s popularity has only grown following a string of acclaimed performances over the last few years.