David Tennant Says He’s Down To Return To Doctor Who, But Not Up To Him

David Tennant Doctor Who

It’s been nearly 10 years since David Tennant departed from his starring role on Doctor Who, but fans can’t seem to get enough of him. Admittedly, his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor is one of his most iconic roles, and as the first lead to stick around for multiple seasons following the show’s revival in 2005, he’s proven popular long after he left the set. Also, if we’re being honest, he’s charming, funny and handsome to boot, which seems to have resonated with the series’ vocal female audience.

Anyways, as CinemaBlend reports, the 10th anniversary of David Tennant’s departure from the show is nearly upon us, and as part of a celebration of the milestone, the Tenth Doctor himself reflected on his time with the series and even weighed in on a possible return, saying:

“It wouldn’t be for me to decide. It’d be fun to do [though]. It’d be wonderful to be on set [with everyone]. But I don’t know, it’s not for me to say,” said the actor.

Some of the Doctor Who fans reading this article would be quick to point out that, technically, David Tennant has already reprised his iconic role. Back in 2013, to commemorate the show’s 50th anniversary, the BBC produced a special episode titled “The Day of the Doctor.”

This hour-plus journey featured the last day of the Time War and the cast was comprised of three leads. Matt Smith returned as the Eleventh Doctor, the late John Hurt played the War Doctor and, of course, David Tennant came back as the Tenth Doctor.

If you were looking to relive the bittersweet moment when he left the series, you’ll be glad to hear that “The End of Time” is being played in movie theaters as part of a collaboration between Fathom Events and BBC Studios. Of course, you could always catch David Tennant on Good Omens as well, but diehard Doctor Who fans will no doubt want to experience the Tenth Doctor’s departure on the big screen. And as for a potential return to the series at some point, well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.