David Tennant’s New Baby Watches Doctor Who In Adorable Photo


Doctor Who fans who are also parents face a tough dilemma: how soon can you start turning your baby into a Whovian? For one couple, the answer is obvious: pretty much straight away. At least, that’s how David and Georgia Tennant feel.

Fans may know that former Tenth Time Lord Tennant and his wife – who played the Doctor’s daughter Jenny on the series – recently had their fifth child a couple of weeks ago. On Monday, Georgia (nee Moffett) shared an adorable photo of the kid – whose name has not been publicly revealed – which captured the newborn watching an episode of Doctor Who. Of course, it was one that their dad was in, starring alongside Billie Piper. Tennant captioned the image: “Indoctorination.”

The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognize this screenshot as coming from season 2’s “Army of Ghosts,” the first half of the finale story that wrote out Rose Tyler. That’s a pretty heavy-going episode to start Tennant Jr. on. A lot of grown-up fans find that one too traumatic to watch even now, but the parents need to get their child hooked on Who early, considering his family history. Not only is his dad the Doctor but so is his granddad – Georgia’s father is Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor.

If you’re a Whovian and aren’t following Georgia Tennant on social media, you’ll want to fix that as she frequently delivers top-quality content from the Tennant household, like her husband dressed as Batman for Halloween or the hilarious shot of two Doctors struggling to change a lightbulb last Christmas.

Both Tennants are still actively part of the Doctor Who family, too, lending their vocal talents to Big Finish Productions for original audio dramas. David has also frequently made clear he’d return to the TV show to work with his pal Jodie Whittaker if he was asked.

Source: Instagram