DC All Access Debuts Justice League Action Clip, Reveals New Batman ’66 Comic


This week, DC All Access continues to show material shot from the showroom floor at WonderCon, thus making us envious of everyone who was fortunate enough to take part in the festivities in Anaheim, California. But, for those of us that weren’t there, we at least get nice consolation prizes in the form of scoops pertaining to the new animated series Justice League Action, as well as what’s on the horizon for Batman ’66.

Since Justice League Action happens to be this episode’s featured story, I guess we’ll talk about that first. Although it was cool to see them catch up with various members of the cast and crew, thus lending keen insight into the fun new series, it’s arguably the newly released clip that’s the real highlight here.

In the footage given, we see Lex Luthor teaming up with Circe, thereby making life no less easier for Wonder Woman. Still, we’re fully confident she can handle the situation. Furthermore, having a chance to take in another of James Woods’ nuanced performances isn’t too shabby at all. What’s kind of funny is that the battlesuit Lex wears in the clip is strikingly similar to the one a doppelganger of his wore in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, in which Woods unforgettably voiced Owlman.

Another thing we should also take note of is that of something new in the pipeline for the enduring Batman ’66 franchise. In the past few years, DC has done a fine job of keeping Adam West’s legacy going, be it with comic books or animated movies. Actually, when it comes to the former, most of the crossovers have involved properties outside of DC, so it’s refreshing to hear about Mike and Lee Allred’s upcoming one-shot that will unite the Caped Crusaders with a classic-looking Legion of Superheroes lineup.

Justice League Action airs on Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network.