Another DC Comics Character Has Joined The Elseworlds Crossover


Even though it won’t feature the cast of Legends of Tomorrow – which is sitting this one out – this year’s Arrowverse crossover, titled “Elseworlds,” is set to have a humongous group of heroes, villains and everything in between. As well as the central trio of Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl, Ruby Rose is debuting as Batwoman, Tyler Hoechlin’s returning as Superman (as well as a dark-suited doppelganger), Elizabeth Tulloch’s joining the Arrowverse as Lois Lane, John Wesley Shipp’s back in red as the 1990s Flash (yes, really!) and the list goes on.

Now, we’ve got yet another new cast member to look forward to. The 100‘s Bob Frazer will turn up in “Elseworlds” as Roger Hayden AKA Psycho-Pirate, the classic DC comics supervillain. The Arrowverse’s version of the character will be an inmate of Arkham Asylum and a student of Dr. John Deegan, played by Jeremy Davies, who’s expected to be the main antagonist of the crossover. Fans theorize that he could be an altered adaptation of John Dee AKA Doctor Destiny, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

With the arrival of Batwoman, Gotham City will be making its grand debut in the Arrowverse as well. In fact, we just got our first look at some BTS shots of filming in the city, as production moved to Chicago to capture some exterior shots of Gotham. The fun part is that Chicago previously stood in for Batman’s hometown in the Dark Knight movies, and as well as Arkham Asylum, we’ll definitely get a look at Wayne Enterprises.

Another Gotham resident who’ll show up is Nora Fries, the wife of supervillain Mr. Freeze, as portrayed by Cassandra Jean Amell (real-life spouse of Arrow star Stephen Amell). The crossover’s not just limited to Gotham, though, as cosmic entity the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) is also set to show up, and you can catch everyone in action when the Arrowverse unites for “Elseworlds” on The CW the week beginning December 9th.

Source: EW