DC Comics Villain Makes Surprise Appearance In Last Night’s The Flash


Last night’s episode of The Flash was very cool, with the focus mainly on the introduction of a brand new Firestorm. However, its closing few moments featured the small screen debut of a villain that pretty much no one ever expected to see in live-action: King Shark! The character showed up in in The Flash‘s official tie-in comic book series, though this one hailed from Earth-2.

Like the other villains we’ve seen in the show this year, he was sent by Zoom to kill The Flash, but was taken out by the alternate reality Harrison Wells before the Scarlet Speedster was, well, eaten.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg commented on King Shark’s cameo following the airing of the episode last night and explained how they went about incorporating him (albeit briefly) into The CW series.

“We actually put him in the comic book adaptation because we said, “No one is ever going to let us do this and we’re never going to be able to do this” since we weren’t going to be using the Squad anymore. We were talking about it and it was really Todd Helbing who was like, “Let’s do it!” It was a very expensive 30 seconds of the show but our visual effects team are the best and they love challenges like this. It was just fun for us. Obviously we can’t afford to do an entire King Shark episode so the idea was that he was one of Zoom’s minions and just the latest in the line. Which does mean that there is a King Shark on Earth-1.”

As you can see in the video above, the special effects are top notch, though it’s a shame that we won’t get to see more of him down the line. It’s understandable though given how expensive it must have been to create him. Regardless, this is sure to go down as one of the coolest moments in The Flash‘s history.

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