We’re Finally Learning More About DC’s Upcoming Titans TV Show


DC and Warner Bros.’ long-running attempts to get a live-action Teen Titans TV show off the ground have been rather difficult. About this time last year, we learned that TNT had passed on the series and it was rumored the project had bitten the dust. Fortunately, DC has kept the flame burning and we recently got confirmation that the show, now simply called Titans, would be one of the first to air on the upcoming DC-only digital streaming service (along with the long delayed third season of Young Justice).

Now, we know a little bit more about what we have to look forward to. Working with the idea that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, DC are going with a Netflix-like 13 episode season. It’s a tricky one to call, as other superhero shows aim for a 22 to 23 episode season, but, at least as far as I’m concerned, series like Supergirl and The Flash spend a hell of a long time narratively spinning their wheels. I’ll take the tighter focus and faster pace of something like Daredevil over the ponderous midseason episodes of the Arrowverse any day.

Hopefully, the 13 episode season will also mean they can concentrate their special effects budget more efficiently. Aside from Robin’s down-to-earth martial arts, the show will have to give us Beast Boy’s shapeshifting, Starfire’s fire and flying powers and Raven’s dark magic. Nobody wants to see a toned down Teen Titans, so here’s hoping each character gets the FX care and attention they deserve.

Exactly what they’ll be doing remains to be seen. The most iconic Teen Titans arc, “The Judas Contract,” was recently adapted by DC’s animation division (and wasn’t very good, either). So, perhaps we’ll be seeing the group in an entirely new plotline or something ripped from a more obscure adventure.

We should know more about casting and air date shortly, as Titans is scheduled to premiere at some point in 2018 and might begin filming as soon as this fall. As always, we’ll let you know once further updates arise.