Marvel Was Responsible For The Deadpool TV Show Being Cancelled


Deadpool fans got excited last May when it was revealed that FX was developing an R-Rated animated series starring the Merc with a Mouth with Donald Glover signed on as showrunner. Over the next year, we learned more and more about the project and it sounded like it was going to be the perfect companion to the anti-hero’s successful movie franchise. But then, back in March, the ax fell and it was announced that Glover had parted ways with the show due to – that old chestnut – “creative differences.”

So, what gives? Well, development on the Deadpool animated series seemed to be going smoothly until FX pulled the plug on the project out of nowhere. But is that actually what happened? According to the network’s boss, John Landgraf, who was speaking to Deadline, the reason for the cancellation of the show rests with Marvel, not FX. In fact, Landgraf was pleased with the version put forward by Glover and his creative partner (and brother) Stephen, but the House of Ideas had the final say on how their character’s depicted and so that was that.

“Marvel controls the IP and the decisions around the  IP. it was their decision not to go forward with Donald and Stephen’s version, I personally liked it.”

From what we know, it wasn’t the most amicable of decisions, either. Following the cancellation, Glover shared a few revealing comments on Twitter, including a very meta fake script for the series which featured Deadpool complaining about the show being axed. Both Ryan Reynolds and creator Rob Liefeld supported the series, as well, so it’s a crying shame that – by the sounds of it – Marvel execs had a problem with the project when all the major creatives surrounding the character loved it.

On the flip side, now that Marvel have swallowed up Fox’s assets, they’re free to do what they like with Deadpool on the small screen. Fingers crossed then they come up with something on a par with Glover’s planned animated series.

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