Deadpool Creator Teases Disney Plus Show For The Merc

Deadpool 2

It’s now been over five months since the Disney/Fox merger came into effect – not to mention six weeks since Marvel Studios announced their Phase 4 release slate – and the future of the Deadpool franchise remains shrouded in uncertainty. But while we still have nothing concrete to report on the Merc with a Mouth’s next screen outing, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld is at least having fun reminding his followers of Wade Wilson’s recent move to the Mouse House.

The artist took to Instagram this week with a short video, in which a life-size model Deadpool is seen sporting a Disney Plus cap. In the accompanying message, Liefeld offers a clarification that his post shouldn’t be taken as confirmation on any future plans for the character:

“Absolutely nothing to announce. Just thought the hat looked good on him. You don’t have a life size #Deadpool in your house?? #marvel #robliefeld #xforce #disney”

Even taking Liefeld’s message into account, some fans may be tempted to read into this post as an implicit tease of the Merc’s next project. But even if Liefeld doesn’t know any more about the Deadpool situation than the rest of us do, we certainly can’t rule out the possibility that Wade will eventually make the jump to the small screen, be it on Disney Plus or Hulu.

In any case, after the commercial and critical success of last year’s Deadpool 2, it’s almost unthinkable that Disney will let a property this hot lie dormant for too long. The company even included footage from Fox’s Deadpool movies in the D23 sizzle reel screened earlier month, and in a THR piece published back in March, it was reported that Wade is expected to be the only Fox mutant to make the transition without a recast.

Nonetheless, Disney seems happy to keep both the fans and director David Leitch in the dark about Deadpool for the time being, but you never know when Kevin Feige and his team might break their silence on the matter. Stay tuned for further updates.