Incredible Test Footage For Canned Deadpool TV Series Leaks Online


If this doesn’t constitute as déjà vu, then we don’t know what will.

Amid news that Marvel and FX had pumped the brakes on their 10-part Deadpool series, an animation studio by the name of Titmouse has shared some never-before-seen test footage featuring the Merc in action.

This showcase was likely part of Titmouse’s official pitch to animate the now-canceled cartoon, which only makes Sunday’s announcement all the more disheartening. You’ll also notice that the test reel pulls dialogue from Ryan Reynolds and his live-action performance as the foul-mouthed Wade Wilson, indicating that Titmouse had planned to dub audio from another prominent voice actor before the show was scrapped.

And as we mentioned before, this leaked test footage evokes memories of the first Deadpool movie, given it only received the green light after a studio insider published a pre-CG sizzle reel for the world to see. And the rest is history.

Deadpool animated series

Frankly, the Internet is still reeling from Marvel and FX’s decision, who cited the old “creative differences” excuse when parting ways with Donald and Stephen Glover, the duo responsible for Atlanta.

Both Glovers are adamant that their Deadpool series “wasn’t too black,” though a Taylor Swift-centric episode was seemingly the “last straw” before the Powers That Be ultimately decided to pull the plug. Here’s what Stephen Glover had to say in a series of now-deleted tweets:

There definitely was a Taylor Swift episode. It was HILARIOUS. And it was definitely the last straw lol. Our show wasn’t too black. It wasn’t really that black at all. But we definitely wanted to give ‘Rick and Morty’ a run for their money and I think we would have. Proud of the gang.

Meanwhile, Donald Glover chose to release a faux Deadpool script that was laced with subtext about the show’s cancelation. Oh, what could have been…

Source: Titmouse