A Dean Cain-Teri Hatcher Reunion On Supergirl Is A Very Real Possibility


There’s one thing that’s become apparent to me over the years: Once you’ve played an iconic DC character, you may very well find yourself employed for life. In fact, Supergirl is a fine example of this. Kara’s adoptive parents are played by none than Dean Cain and Helen Slater, who previously inhabited the roles of Superman and Supergirl, respectively. Aside from that, not too long ago it was revealed that yet another fan favorite will have the chance to run with the torch again when Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman alumnus Teri Hatcher was announced as having been cast in a mysterious villainous role.

Now, we can probably all agree that it would be somewhat of a letdown if Cain and Hatcher were unable to have an onscreen reunion, even if for only one episode. And although the former is confirmed to return to the show this Monday, it really all comes down to the actors’ availability.

Apparently, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is keen on such a thing happening, but is also being realistic about the situation:

“We’d love to. There’s a plan — if we can execute the plan.”

Beyond that, Kreisberg spoke of the very notion of legacies that we touched on earlier:

“In the best examples of the legacy casting that we do, whether it’s John Wesley Shipp or Helen Slater, Lynda Carter, all of them, to a person, are so proud of the contribution that they made in the past and are so proud and happy to be part of our show moving forward. And Teri [has] turned out to be the exact same way. She is in this for the fans, and knows what her being a part of this means to so many people. [Hatcher and Cain are] both really excited to give back.”

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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