Deathstroke Invades Starling City In Epic New Trailer For Arrow


The CW’s Arrow has taken us all by surprise, becoming the most exciting superhero TV show in years. Ever since the pilot, the series has been teasing an epic showdown between Oliver and Slade Wilson, better known by comic book fans as the badass mercenary, Deathstroke the Terminator. Throughout this season, the writers have been laying the groundwork for their much anticipated confrontation, and a new three minute trailer released this week only raises our already high levels of excitement.

Through the island flashbacks we’ve seen Oliver and Slade meet, bond and then get torn apart by jealousy and a bit of super serum madness. Last week their paths in the current timeline finally converged, leaving fans with the promise that things were about to get kicked into high gear. And if the trailer below is any indication, no one in Oliver’s life is safe from Slade’s wrath.

The trailer not only promotes Wednesday’s new episode, “The Promise,” but hints at other things to come as well, including the return of Huntress, the formation of the Suicide Squad and some kind of crackdown on vigilantism: “If they’re wearing a mask, they get a bullet.”

Things have undoubtedly escalated in Starling City since Oliver’s return from the island. He’s got an ever increasing circle of allies, and more villains appear each week. What started out as a story of one man’s quest to clean up his city has turned into an all-out superhero tale that rivals even those on the big screen. And with nine episodes still left to go this season, what this trailer shows is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check it out below and let us know in the comments section what you think of this season of Arrow so far.