Deborah Ann Woll Teases What Lies Ahead In Daredevil Season 3


Even if The Defenders struggled to retain a steady viewership over the summer – analysts deemed it to be the least-watched Marvel/Netflix series yet – those four street-level heroes are all gearing up for another round of standalone stories.

Top of the pile is Jessica Jones, given Melissa Rosenberg and Co. wrapped filming on season 2 a few months ago. Luke Cage is also back on the streets of Harlem, and we’ve already caught a glimpse of Misty Knight’s bionic arm. Meanwhile, Iron Fist, the second pillar of Marvel’s beloved Heroes For Hire, is also in production, what with Finn Jones currently training for another spell as the illustrious Danny Rand.

That leaves Daredevil (AKA The Man Without Fear), which is seemingly all set to adapt the famous “Born Again” comic book storyline by Frank Miller. Last we checked in on Matt Murdock, he was recovering in some form of orphanage, and has presumably been placed in the care of Sister Maggie. Word is Elektra was the one who pulled Daredevil from the wreckage of Midland Circle, but you can file that one in the rumor cabinet for now.

In terms of more concrete updates, the latest one comes to us from Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page. In the comics, the “Born Again,” arc sees Murdock’s love interest hit a low as she becomes addicted to heroin and in a moment of weakness, sells Daredevil’s identity – information that eventually finds its way into none other than Kingpin’s possession.

Whether or not the show will follow a similar path, we don’t know, but while chatting with Collider, here’s what Woll said she hopes season 3 explores:

“We’ve been hinting at her past, and I hope that we eventually unwrap that candy. That’s cool to me. Really, my favorite thing to work on with the character is that doggedness and pushiness. Karen is pushy, and I like that. I like it in a female character because I think it’s a quality that we historically have disliked in women. I think it can be a strength, as well as a weakness.

It can be one of those wonderful, complex aspects of her. She won’t let things go, even if it gets her hurt, or if it gets someone else hurt. She’s out there, she’s gonna get the truth, and she can’t stop thinking about it or let it go, and she never will. That’s a really fun part of her personality to play with.”

How important of a role Karen will have in the new run remains to be seen, as we know that Kingpin’s coming back in a big way and you have to imagine that he’ll be taking most of the spotlight as far as supporting characters go. Still, we hope that the showrunners find a way to dive into Page’s past. After all, there’s much to explore there.

Daredevil season 3 will be available to stream at some point in 2018, and as always, we’ll continue to keep you posted as further updates arise.