Deepfake Artist Shows How Accurate Animated Thor Is During What If…?

Marvel’s latest animated series What If? has attempted to capture its characters as close as possible to their more familiar live-action contemporaries. A part of this has been recruited as many of the stars to reprise their roles in the vocal booth as possible, but one talented deepfake artist has showcased exactly how close they came to capturing one iconic character in the latest episode.

In last week’s What If? episode we saw Thor make an appearance, be in quite a different form than his MCU counterpart, but the character was voiced once again by actor Chris Hemsworth. Not only was the voice the same, but the animation studio behind the show perfectly captured the actor’s mannerisms as can be seen in this side-by-side comparison with a deep fake.

The deepfake created by YouTuber Stryder HD details just how well the animated Thor mirrors Hemsworth himself. According to the video’s description, it appears that both rotoscope and digital animation were used to capture the hero.

Outside of minor details, the original animation captures Hemsworth quite well, however, as has been the case throughout the season, some fans are fond of the cel-shaded look of the show. Whether it’s the animation style, the depiction of Thor, or the quality of this deepfake, some fans are either going to love it or hate it, but fortunately, there are still a few more episodes of What If? to come over the following weeks.