The Defenders’ Scott Glenn Discusses Stick’s Future


Spoilers will follow…

By now, most of us have binge-watched all eight episodes of The DefendersIf you count yourself in that group, then you’ll also already know of one of the show’s biggest surprises.

At the end of episode 6, Matt Murdock’s old mentor Stick is murdered by his former protege Elektra. It came as a real shock to fans, as Stick had been a significant player in Daredevil‘s first two seasons, and as it turns out, not even actor Scott Glenn saw his character’s death coming. He revealed as much to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview, while also saying that he had some input into the choreography of Stick’s death scene.

“Neither one. I really didn’t have a sense of where I was going with that character. When he said, ‘Elodie is going to kill you,’ I remember thinking… to begin with, I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage, because I haven’t seen any of [the series]. I know what we shot, but I don’t know if it came out that way or not. I was fine with it. I just wanted the fight to work in a certain way. I don’t know whether it did or not. Is there a moment when she stabs me in the leg and rolls underneath me, and she rolls right up to the point of my sword for a second? Because I told Jeph [Loeb, exec producer], ‘I should have one moment in this fight where if I had chosen to, I could have killed her, and I back off.’ I don’t know if that’s still in or not, but if it’s not, it should be!

Interestingly, Glenn also mentioned that he’s been promised by Loeb that this might not be the end of Stick’s story in the MCU:

“I remember Jeph saying, ‘We’re in the Marvel Universe. If Elektra kills you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’ But for me, the show is over, unless I get a phone call, and then it will or won’t [continue] depending on the deal and all of that stuff.”

And he’s not just talking about returning via flashbacks, either.

“Yeah, but when Jeph said that to me, he wasn’t talking about flashbacks. He was talking about literally whatever is going on in that world where people do in fact come back from death.”

While it’s possible that Loeb and his writers could find a way to bring Stick back to life, Scott Glenn isn’t fretting over it and for now, is just taking the future as it comes.

“It’s hard to answer that question. All of that stuff really lies with the script writer and with lines, and do I really want to go back and deal with those contact lenses again? I don’t know. It’s an impossible question to answer. Right now, all of my consciousness — which is this weird time machine that actors find themselves in — is with Castle Rock [at Hulu]. For you guys and for the audience, The Defenders just opened, but for me, it was over and in my rearview mirror many months ago.”

Given the Hand’s ability to come back from the dead, not to mention the flexibility of death in superhero stories in general, it makes a lot of sense for Stick to return after his exit in The Defenders. Time will ultimately tell if that happens, but would you like to see Daredevil’s mentor make a comeback? Or is his story done for good? Have your say in the comments section!