Delirium Pilot Released On Hulu, Future Now In Hands Of The Fans



The Delirium pilot, based on the best-selling YA series written by Lauren Oliver, was rejected by Fox last year, but it looks like the project may be getting a second chance. Instead of going down quietly into the failed pilot vault (or wherever pilots that don’t get a series order end up), you can watch Delirium on Hulu during its 24-day run this June/July, courtesy of the network.

Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Fox’s senior VP of multi-platform programming, recently stated:

“Why not? [The pilot] was finished. It was great. Why not allow consumers to enjoy it?”

Director Rodrigo Garcia, co-founder of digital studio Wigs, known for its popular online series Blue starring Julia Stiles, has been instrumental in getting the pilot released on Hulu. Hopefully this will set a precedent for other networks to make their typically dead pilots available to audiences, especially projects of this nature where there’s already a built-in fan base of the source material (e.g. The CW’s rejected pilot for The Selection, another popular trilogy).

Delirium stars Emma Roberts (American Horror Story: Coven) and Daren Kagosoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), along with a number of familiar faces. The show centers around Robert’s character, Lena Haloway, as she approaches her eighteenth birthday. Set in a dystopian society where love has been declared a disease, Lena finds herself experiencing illicit romantic feelings for the first time with Alex (Kagosoff), a member of a resistance against the society.

In my opinion, the pilot episode works quite well, and the characters definitely have chemistry. You can definitely see the potential right off the bat. I don’t blame Fox for passing on this series, though, as it doesn’t seem like it would fit well on the network. But, if the fans have anything to say about it, maybe Delirium will find a home elsewhere – ABC Family, perhaps?

Check out the pilot episode of Delirium below and let us know if you would like to see more episodes!

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  1. Courtsays:

    Yes! More episodes for sure!

    1. Lindsay Sperlingsays:

      That what I said!

  2. chrialmsays:

    I would love to see more episodes!! I loved the books and they seem to be doing a good job turning them into a movie/ tv series.

  3. ahaymesays:


  4. marysays:

    yes this looked awesome! ABC Family would be a perfect fit!!

  5. Mark Alansays:

    This looks like something that belongs on the CW. I’d definitely like to see more of this.

  6. Lora Leasays:

    Loved the pilot! I hope it gets picked up somewhere!

  7. sanzidaasays:

    i definitely want more episode but its just the pilot is so much more different than the book. and they put the whole book into 43 minutes. i wish they slowed it down. maybe just do the evaluation for the first episode instead of the whole book.

  8. Riley Farrellsays:

    Ugh so many feels, I loved and read the books. Certain things they got right but certain things not. I know that I want more episodes only because its Delirium but, I know they will change many many things. like hello?! that’s pretty much the end of the first book, Julian doesn’t come in till the 2 and he never is rebellious till Lena, its her mom that was in jail not her dad, uggghhhh Alex and Lena never took it that fast! I mean spread it out man! otherwise not too bad, never imagined Hannah looking like that (blonde) but over all good actress and ik its only the first episode but just uggghhh and XD

    1. Theresasays:

      I cannot agree with you any more!! And what about Lena’s little cousin that she’s supposed to live with? Her sister isn’t her guardian! If I remember correctly, she barely saw her sister. They literally tried to put the entire first book into one episode, and that’ snot okay with me. So many important things were missing and it make wonder how they would continue the series.

      1. Alenna Marksays:

        I 100% agree with both of you, I just read the entire series in 46 hours and I am in love with the story. Unfortunately i was very disappointed with the pilot and they need to take more time to give us back stories on the character. I can understand why people who haven’t read the books might enjoy the tv pilot but it’s just all SO WRONG.

  9. Alyssasays:

    I read the books, and they happen to be my favorites ever. Even though this was completely off set from the books and left out so many better details, it’s still good. Like, when Lena was bitten and Alex found her, he was supposed to take off his shirt and she notices his fall like hair and that’s how they fall more in love. That scene is repeated in all three books. So it was important detail which shouldv’e been in there. They should add more of the important remember able details to it. But I would love to see more and how it turns out!

  10. jesssays:

    Loved this!!!

  11. Calliesays:

    MORE EPISODES! Fan of the book and would love to see more.

  12. Jinx1986says:

    Oh yeah, I want to see more.

  13. summerelizabethballsays:

    I want more! Exactly how many episodes are set to air on WIGS and HULU??? I only see the one (pilot), so far.

  14. Krystal Winebrennersays:

    Just watched the pilot and I’m hooked can’t wait for more episodes. It was a great, I am so excited I really hope they continue it I want more.

  15. Lishasays:

    I’ve never even heard of this show before but i watched it because it had emma roberts and Daren Kagosoff in it! It’s SOOO good and you can’t just leave us hanging like that!! please tell me they make it back to each other :/

  16. xetaprimesays:

    I’ll watch! Enjoyed it!

  17. Bmacksays:

    This is a concept that seems dumb but works. Good writing and casting trumps all. Not surprised Fox passed. They go for cookie cutter concept to the bitter end. They have never had a quality show. Give this an eight out of ten. I will watch it I am 65. What the world needs now is………

  18. nikkisays:

    yes more episodes! great cast!!

  19. shaesays:

    loved it make it a thing

  20. lucysays:

    I want more !!!!

  21. Juliesays:

    So goooood!! I want to see more!

  22. Carmensays:

    Yes more

  23. Michael Lahiffsays:

    They went too fast — more episodes and SPREAD OUT the first book. Start from the beginning call that a preview. It felt so rushed.

  24. Raelenesays:

    More for sure so good!!!!! I’ve watched like four times since it’s came out on hulu. I’ve never read the books but now I’m for sure going to!!!!

  25. emmisays:

    need the second episode

  26. Delirium Fansays:

    I want to see more delirium episodes!!!!!!!

  27. MorgieMorgsays:

    Theres only one episode! I have been checking hulu like a mad woman waiting for the next episode to come on! You MUST add more.

  28. Daniellesays:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for more episodes now I see why I can’t find them. I like the first episode enough to just buy the book can’t wait to see more of the show though.

  29. Robynsays:

    I want this to be picked up! It’s great i love it

  30. sammykinssays:

    I want more!

  31. Rosesays:

    Definitely we need more episodes. Too good to just leave like that.

  32. Camila Ruizsays:

    I watched it and I want more! I loved it and now I’m frustrated at not knowing what happens after the end! More please!

  33. Oliviasays:

    I just watched it and I want more!!! I haven’t read the book yet, but just from watching the pilot, I’m choosing this book as my summer English project. I can’t wait to read it!!!

  34. Elayleesays:

    Yes more episodes on abc family of this show! PLEASE!!!!

  35. Xhexaniasays:

    Yes more episodes, loved the pilot!!!

  36. Nothemsays:

    I loved this. So mad that there aren’t more episodes coming

  37. Pamela Dozhier-Ruudsays:

    I would love for this pilot to become a series. I really liked it. I want more

  38. Lexsays:

    I watched the pilot and got hooked right off the bat. I think the CW should pick up the series it seems like a perfect fit. I really want to see more.

  39. leebeessays:

    Watched it and loved it!!!!! Within 5 minutes of watching i bought the books online and started reading right away just incase they don’t continue the series. Love love love it!!!

  40. Fran Saunderssays:

    YES please continue the series. I am sooooo disappointed to find there’s no episodes, only a pilot. I watched it a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the next episode(s) to show up on HULU. I found the concept intriguing, the action/drama ratio appealing, the actors engaging and was left wanting more at the end of the pilot. Please someone, pick up the series.

  41. greygreysays:

    I would love to see more episodes!! Someone needs to pick it up!!!!!

  42. hhhhsays:

    wow the pilot was good
    me and my 6 friends are obsessed with this show, along with all of my school’s girl–even though most of them weren’t able to see the pilot, they want it on ABC or MTV or CW or some other netweorl

    1. I can’t believe I misses the showing of the pilot! Where can I watch it now? It’s off Hulu for good!???

  43. kelseysays:

    Love the concept and plot of this show, it needs it’s chance to be seen…give us more!!!

  44. ashleysays:

    loved the pilot !!

  45. Nhisays:

    I want more of this show please

  46. Swsptv14says:

    I love the pilot. The characters are played really well. And alex and lena have great chemistry. The pilot made me want to start the series. I think cw should pick this series up, they would be a perfect fit.

  47. Azisays:

    I love this show already and Im so disappointed there arent more episodes!! But yet they aired ‘mystery girls’.. Like we havent got enough CSI look-a-likes already!

  48. Bethanysays:

    I want to see more of this show!! No doubt about it…

  49. Mmooorrreeesays:

    I want to see more! It was a great start and they should continue with it!

  50. Maruschka van Veensays:

    I would love to see more episodes loved it.

  51. Nataly Lopezsays:

    yes, i want more, like the pilot

  52. Chrissays:

    it is supposedly owned by Fox. and it looks great, which means it will most likely not be picked up. Fox has the WORST judgment when it comes to what shows to keep and what to cancel. If you think back to all the shows you liked that got canceled and you were just sitting there going “What the hell were they thinking?”, I bet that a large majority were fox show. Dark Angel, Firefly, Doll House… just to name a few. Fox needs to start actually listening to the fans as to what we want to see.

  53. Larasays:

    I need to see more! I cant believe this wasn’t picked up!

  54. deannasays:

    More please I need more!

  55. deliriumobsessedsays:

    I loved the delirium books with all my heart (no pun intended) and i was so excited to get to watch the pilot! I want a tv series!

  56. meganroxsays:


  57. meganroxsays:

    I think ABC should take over the series 🙂

  58. ILoveDeliriumsays:

    I loved this!!! I want more!!!

  59. MOnsesays:


  60. Ricksays:

    MORE!!!!!!! oh my goodness please!! I thought i was watching a movie.. I need more!!

  61. Iky.jsays:

    plz say they r doin more

  62. hannasays:

    I want to watch this!!! The whole season, please!

  63. Amandasays:

    I really liked this pilot and hope someone picks it up. This show seems like something a little different and I would watch any episodes that are made!

  64. oumaimasays:


  65. Alenna Marksays:

    After reading all three books in the span of 46 hours I was extremely disappointed with this pilot. Although the acting was great and they somewhat followed the story line, you simply can not put 600 pages of an amazing book into 45 mins. I believe the season one finale should have ended with Lena jumping the fence. If they had taken that route of following the structure of the books, they would have ensured themselves at least three seasons on air. I have no doubt that if the show was to go well- they could create a few more seasons with the unanswered questions from the third book such as: what happened to Hana? Do Alex and Lena stay together? What about Julian? Where is Lena’s family? What happens to the world now? … There are so many things they could have done to make this pilot better- in my opinion.

  66. ingasays:

    I would totally love more yeah I agree it seemed to rushed but I still liked it and would definitely watch more. 🙂

  67. Izzysays:

    I want more! I could tell that if they make a tv show it would be an amazing hit to the audience! Please make more episodes ! I ❤️ Delirium.

  68. blackcanary21says:

    Absolutely no. I cannot explain how much I want this show to just not happen at all. The books mean way to much to me. I do not wont to see it on tv at all. Absolutely never in my life. I don’t even want to hear that there’s a making of a show I don’t want a show period.

  69. Linasays:

    I want more too!

  70. someonesays:

    why you do just an episode? i have to admit wasn”t too good but it caught me. Now doesn”t matter.

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