First Details For Episode 5 Of Gotham’s Second Season Revealed


We’re now two episodes into the second season of Gotham, and things have gotten off to a pretty intense start. Characters have been killed off or undergone major status quo shifts, while Jerome has taken centre stage as we seemingly witness the early stages of his transformation into The Joker. Looking ahead at what’s to come though, and Fox has today released the official description for the fifth instalment of the Batman prequel’s second season.

Titled “Scarification,” this description reveals some very interesting details, including the fact that Theo and Tabitha Galavan will soon be getting involved with both The Penguin and Bruce Wayne.

Galavan and Penguin join forces with a dangerous family in Gotham. Then, as the rivalry between the Waynes and the Galavans resurfaces, Gordon struggles to maintain order in the city in the all-new “Rise of the Villains: Scarification” episode of Gotham airing Monday, Oct. 19.

It sounds pretty intriguing, and seeing all of these character collide promises to be a lot of fun.

On another note, you may have also heard that stars Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Morena Baccarin (Leslie Thompkins) are expecting a baby together, but it was recently confirmed that her pregnancy isn’t going to factor into Gotham, so there go the theories that she’ll be the mother of Batgirl in this continuity.

Tell us, what are you most looking forward to seeing in Gotham season two? Be sure to check out our review here, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.