Dev Patel Reportedly Eyed To Play Khan In New Star Trek Spinoff Show


Even if Paramount has publicly denied that they’re planning on giving up on Star Trek movies altogether, the long-running sci-fi series looks to be in a state of disarray on both the big and small screens. The studio might have claimed that they’re still making feature-length films, but Noah Hawley’s reboot was recently put on hold, nobody seems to know what’s going on with Star Trek 4 and Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated effort has never seemed very likely to happen.

There are even rumors that several of the Star Trek shows could be facing the axe, even though the universe has recently expanded to include Picard, Short Treks, the animated Lower Decks and upcoming projects including children’s animation Prodigy and Discovery spinoff Strange New Worlds. In 2018, it was also announced that Nicholas Meyer was working on a miniseries titled Ceti Alpha V that would focus on fan favorite Khan, but there’s been virtually no news on it since then.

Now, however, a new report claims that not only is Ceti Alpha V back in active development, but Dev Patel is being eyed for the role of Khan Noonien Singh. The 30 year-old is a fantastic actor, picking up an Academy Award nomination for his work in Lion just a few years ago, and would be an excellent choice to play one of Star Trek‘s most notorious villains.

Of course, Ricardo Montalban turned the character into an icon after reprising his role from The Original Series in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but the less said about the heavy-handed Benedict Cumberbatch reveal in Star Trek Into Darkness the better. If Ceti Alpha V finally escapes development hell, though, then Dev Patel would no doubt be an inspired choice to lead the latest small screen adventure for the franchise.