Dexter Gets Renewed For A Sixth Season

Everyone’s favorite serial killer, the friendly and likeable Dexter Morgan, has found himself renewed for a sixth season. Creators originally had plans to end the show after this season but now it looks like we will get at least one more season of Dexter.

Apparently last week’s episode’s ratings were the second highest in the history of the show, which is part of why there will be a sixth season. Seems fans haven’t tired of Dexter just yet. The sixth season isn’t going to be the last one either, at least not for sure. A seventh season is probable now and hinges on the re-negotiations of the contracts for the lead actors.

I’ve been on the fence about Dexter for a while. I loved season 1 and 2, but didn’t care for 3 or 4. When season 5 started I was sceptical but it’s turning out to be pretty enjoyable so I am happy about this news. Hopefully the writers will be able to keep up what they’ve been doing in season 5.

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