Dexter: New Blood Images Tease Deb’s Return


We’re now just three weeks away from Dexter Morgan’s return to our screens. About a year ago, Showtime sent fans reeling with the announcement that Dexter was coming back for a limited series revival, promising to fix its infamous series finale. By this point, we understand that it’s not going to retcon season 8’s end but rather spin a stronger story out of it. In these new images, we get a fuller flavor for what Dexter: New Blood has in store.

Showtime (via DexterDaily) has released these promo photos for the series premiere, titled “Cold Snap.” They mostly showcase the new cast members and highlight one key returning face. Following her death in the finale, Jennifer Carpenter is back as Deb Morgan, but this time as her brother’s hallucinatory guide, taking on the role filled by James Remar’s Harry in the original run. Check out the pics in the gallery below:

New Blood opens about a decade after the events of season 8, with Dexter living incognito in Iron Lake, a sleepy upstate New York town. He’ll even be in a relationship with Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), the local Chief of Police. Bishop is seen in these pics, as is her daughter Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah) and fellow cops Teddy Reed (David Magidoff) and Logan (Alano Miller). Though he’s not in these pics, Clancy Brown is also playing a key role as Kurt Caldwell, the de-factor mayor of Iron Lake who may have some dark secrets of his own.

It seems that Dexter only sees Deb at his cabin, with one photo showing her wearing a bathrobe in his kitchen. After a period of laying low, it looks like Dexter’s Dark Passenger is about ready to come out and play again. Don’t miss the 10-episode event that is Dexter: New Blood when it premieres Nov. 7 on Showtime.