Dexter Review: “Goodbye Miami” (Season 8, Episode 10)



It’s been a bit strange not having a solid villain to lean on for most of the season, but this episode made it clear why that was: this is Dexter’s season. It’s not about his conflict with one person, but him dealing with the consequences of everything he’s ever done to anyone. Speaking of which, has anybody else noticed that Dexter has been a little light on the killing this season? I can think of only two victims off the top of my head, and neither were on his table.

It felt great watching him set up a kill room, and I squealed the slightest bit seeing him tape up pictures of Daniel’s victims. But his conversation with Harry was just too blunt to not make fun of. Anything implied by the scene is just flat out beaten to death, sucking up the bittersweet joy of watching Dexter get back to what he does best. If we don’t get to see one more victim on the Bay Harbor Butcher’s table by the end of the series, I might cry.

Deb is almost out of the hole she’s been in since the premiere, but Dexter seems to be her last obstacle to happiness. She’s back on Miami Metro (much to Elway’s dismay) and partnered up with Quinn, jobwise and romantically. I was never a huge Quinn fan, but I will admit to at least finding him likable this season. It’s just a shame I keep remembering the Russian stripper thing from last season. Bad times, Quinn. Bad times.

So even though the episode title bids farewell to the only city in Florida that Hollywood will acknowledge exists, everything is still firmly rooted there for the time being. Now that Marshal Clayton is on the prowl again and has practically put all of the pieces together, the pressure is mounting. If you watched the preview for the final two episodes during the credits, then you know that there’s a storm coming (zing!), and it’s hopefully going to ramp up the tension enough to make Dexter interesting again. As long as Dexter refuses to choose a happy ending for himself, then I have a feeling we’re not going to give our favorite antihero a sweet so long.

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