Dexter Review: “This Little Piggy” (Season 8, Episode 5)


If it weren’t for the problems everybody else had, I would have thought they were ending it early to play a prank on fans. Masuka is concerned that his daughter has reappeared simply to get some money out of him, which of course is followed by a scene where she mooches a coffee off of him. Scandal! He hires Deb to do a background check on her, but I don’t know if I’m invested enough to care how it turns out. This is the final season of Dexter, why is Masuka just now becoming a real character?

Same with Quinn, although to be fair he’s had a bit of a larger role in the past few seasons. His race with Miller to be sergeant is painfully boring, especially because Miller is the least developed/interesting/useful character on Dexter, and I honestly can’t remember a time that she’s moved the plot forward at all. Quinn at least came in handy this week with one of Dexter’s side stories, involving some rich guy under suspicion for murdering his mistress. After arriving at his house to take a DNA sample, Dexter has a run-in with his more than creepy son, who, evidence discovers, probably did it himself. Since he’s still on the loose, I’m guessing he’ll be meeting up with the Bay Harbor Butcher soon.

Finally, Cassie from 4B is an interesting diversion. Jamie sets up a double date with herself, Quinn, Dex and the new girl, but Dexter bails early. Surprisingly, Cassie helps him, meaning she’s cool. If she’s cool, chances are she’s suspicious. See what I mean? She’s had three minutes of screen time and I already think she kills animals in her bathroom or something.

We’re not even halfway through the final season of Dexter, and one baddie is already resting at the bottom of the ocean. I’m not entirely sure what to expect from the creeper kid, because at this point Dexter might decide to kill him or take him under his wing. Maybe they’ll even get married and adopt a Brazilian child for all I know. From what I can tell from the end of this episode, Dexter has a false sense of security surrounding his new “family,” and if I’ve been a good enough fan, I can tell something’s about to hit the fan. Just keep your eyes peeled for now.