Dexter Season 6-02 ‘Once Upon A Time…’ Recap

The first episode in the sixth season of Dexter started things off with two kills and then followed through with one more. The second episode took a breath, relaxed on the killing (only one sees Dexter’s lair) and focused more on the characters of the show. Most notably, this episode focused on its new character, Brother Sam (Mos Def).

The episodes opens with Dexter reading Harrison a bedtime story about monsters. The narration discusses the importance of rituals, extending on this season’s theme of religion. During story time, it sounds like Harrison is saying, “Daddy’s box.” This leads Dexter to believe that Harrison is starting to discover what daddy really is. Now, Dexter has to figure out a way to keep Harrison from discovering Daddy’s secret when he’s older.

During a briefing of both the restaurant shooting and the snake-filled body of the fruit stand vendor, Brother Sam makes his appearance at Miami Metro. He’s a former convict turned pastor, but Dexter believes he is still killing people. He finds out that Sam is the owner of an auto body repair shop. So, he dings his car and takes it to the shop as a method of getting into the shop. Dexter discovers that the repair shop employees are all former cons under the wing and guidance of Brother Sam. He keeps them on track and makes sure they aren’t resorting back to their old, bad habits.

While doing some late night snooping, Dexter realizes that Sam isn’t killing anyone anymore, but he does have trouble with some gang members who come to the shop late at night. Dexter’s excuse for being there was to find his garage car door opener, but in reality, he was trying to see if Sam had reverted to his old ways.

The gang, led by Julio Benes, approaches Sam and threaten to kill him. Dexter snatches the weapon out of one of the men’s hand and clobbers him. He then flashes his Miami Metro badge and the gang leaves. Sam and Dexter seem to develop a bonding after the incident and I’m excited to see how their relationship will be fleshed out.

The one kill this episode is set up and done within a shorter period of time than Dexter’s previous kills. Julio is captured and disposed of without the long monologue of why he killed a certain person or certain people. Dexter knows he’s killed and knows of the horrible things he’s done. He just wants Julio gone so there’s no more tension or issues with him and Sam, simple as that.

Meanwhile, Debra has yet to find out that Quinn wants to propose. The shooting threw things off, but Quinn gets a second chance over dinner. The ring is placed in the fridge, and when Debra goes for a drink, she sees it and is startled. Quinn asks her to marry him and she thinks he’s joking. She’s not ready for marriage, and they’ve never discussed it before this incident. She takes time to think about it before saying no. Eventually, Quinn forces her out of the apartment and Debra ends up living with Dexter until things are sorted out.

Debra has more issues on her hands though when she is asked by Matthews to become lieutenant. Debra knows that Angel wanted the job, and he’d be upset to find out that she has taken it. LaGuerta is furious and knows that Matthews is just trying to get back at her. Angel and Debra discuss the situation over coffee, and Angel decides to give Debra the position.

This recap is almost done but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the two serial killers, Travis and Professor Gellar. They don’t make any kills in this episode but we do see them carrying some mannequin parts up some stairs, thought there isn’t any mention as to why they are being used. There is also an eerie scene near the end that suggests that they are up to something far more sinister.

Overall, tonight’s episode focused more on the mentoring of Gellar to Travis. During the closing scenes, we see there are some similarities to Dexter when he was mentored by Harry. Gellar wants Travis to have no interaction with anyone, not even his sister who is worried about him. It’s an odd relationship the two have and as of yet, I’m not sure where exactly it’s going.

Tonight, there was also more focus on the show’s characters and developing their stories, though the writing still remained very strong. It’s going to be interesting to see Debra as lieutenant, while not dating Quinn. Now that Debra and Quinn are no longer an item, I wonder if Quinn will try to uncover the truth about Dexter again.

Also, the introduction of Sam leads me to believe that it could be the one good person on Dexter’s side for most, if not all, of the season. It could be another Lumen or it could be another Miguel Prado. Who knows?

We’re only two episodes in, but I’m liking this season so far. How about you?