Dexter Season 6-03 ‘Smokey And The Bandit’ Recap

Last night’s episode of Dexter starts with a body being found, and it ends with another body left to be discovered. The final moments are tragic for our avenging angel and haunting for what the two killers have in store for next time.

As we being, Dexter and the crew are called to the scene of a crime that involves a prostitute. She is badly beaten and is missing a tooth. Dexter realizes that this could only be done by the Tooth Fairy, a killer he idolized in his younger years. Though he’s not sure if the man is still around or if someone is playing copycat, Dexter tries to find him.

Meanwhile, the jogger at the end of last week’s episode of Dexter is shackled in chains, begging for freedom. Travis (Colin Hanks) tells him that he must tell God that he is sorry. The cries and the pleas and telling God that he is sorry are not working. Professor Gellar tells Travis that it is not his time to be released, he must pay for his sins.

The supporting cast gets a little bit more development in this episode as well. Debra and Quinn have officially called off their relationship. Only three days have past and Quinn already has a new, unnamed love interest. Debra has a panic attack on her first day as Lieutenant with LaGuerta giving her a hard time with every issue. Angel’s advice is to not take any nonsense from her and just do things the way she wants. Seems like LaGuerta still has some issues with Debra filling the vacant spot that was originally for Angel.

Meanwhile, Masuka and Ryan, the attractive intern, begin to get a little closer in this episode. Masuka shows her the file from the Ice Truck Killer case from season one. Ryan knew of the incident in her younger years and is pleased that Masuka would show her this. Masuka asks her out for dinner, but doesn’t want to call it a date. Ryan does and she accepts. She also takes a little gift for herself from the Ice Truck Killer file.

Dexter gets his car back from Sam and is invited to a church get together. He declines, but Sam keeps on offering that he should come and that he should bring Harrison. Dexter says he’ll think about it.

Meanwhile, Dexter tracks down the whereabouts of the supposed Tooth Fairy to a retirement home. Here, he meets Walter Kenny, a grumpy old man who secludes himself from the rest of the crowd and loves beer and porn. Dexter says he’s looking for a place to place his father in the home. As he grows closer to the old man and discovers he really is the Tooth Fairy, things get a little bit hectic. Dexter thought he had him until during a ride back to the retirement home, Walter pulls out a gun. Dexter follows the orders and then takes a detour, crashing the car he just got back from Sam and escaping death.

During the interrogation, Walter tells Dexter to make sure people know who he was. He also says that he wishes to see the look on his son’s face when he finds out his dad is the Tooth Fairy. “He won’t be able to ignore that,” he tells him. This leads Dexter to pause for a moment, making it look like he’s thinking what would happen if Harrison found out about his other life. “I never want my son to know who I was,” he says. Dexter has a change of heart and decides to give Walter a heart attack, rather than stabbing him.

The final moments see Dexter putting his son to sleep before getting ready to file away Walter’s blood sample. When he goes to put the blood away, he drops the box, shattering several of the samples and losing the location of each one. The samples are now unknown. As a final shot, we also see the revelation of the latest killing by Travis and Gellar.

Dexter still remains strong this season, despite how jumbled a lot of the stories have become. The Quinn story is the one in which I have the least bit of interest. He and Deb are finished, and the writers seem to hint that they won’t be focusing on the suspicion he raised last season about Dexter being a killer. It’s a bit early to tell, but that’s kind of where it seems to be heading. Hanks and Olmos are still a strong cast of killers, and Hanks is definitely given his time to shine here. His quiet gestures and creepy stares really send shivers through my body.

All in all, I still have hopes for the series to be strong. There may be a few bumps in the road, as seen in this episode, but it’s still keeping my interest.

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