Dexter Season 6-04 ‘A Horse Of A Different Color’ Recap

In this week’s episode, Dexter tells Debra that a serial killer is deemed one once that person has killed three people. Last week’s ending marked kill number two, which was also a pretty creative and grotesque way to kill someone. This week marks the third killing, and our serial killer(s) get a moniker as well. Miami Metro has deemed the assailant “The Doomsday Killer,” even though Dexter is certain there are probably two of them.

During the investigation of the Four Horsemen killing, Dexter notices that the cuts on the body parts are not smooth. This suggests there may be a second person involved, since the work is not as clean as precise as that of the snake intestines killing in the first episode. It is also during this scene where the detectives think of the name of their killer, seeing as how this murder is a reflection of the story in the Book of Revelations.

Eventually, Debra has to give her first press conference about the murder. While doing so, she stumbles and even drops an F-bomb on live television. Immediately, she thinks she messed up but it turns out that people love her. She’s a no-bull lieutenant and it seems that’s what the people want.

Detective Mike, who figured out the connection to the Book of Revelations, seems to be as to the point as Debra is, minus the foul language. He offers her some advice on being a lieutenant and seems to appreciate her approach of work.

While Dexter might still be questioning his faith, he seems to be inching closer to becoming a believer in God. When Harrison falls ill, due to a burst appendix, he has to be rushed to the hospital and placed under emergency surgery. While there, Brother Sam pays a visit as a friendly courtesy for Dexter. Their friendship seems to be growing stronger, which has also kind of confused Debra.

Sam doesn’t force his beliefs into Dexter, but tells him why he believes in God. When Dexter goes to get a coffee from the vending machine, the machine jams. Dexter is stressed and takes a moment to ask for Harrison to be spared. The light starts shining brighter, and it seems Dexter might be going into a prayer moment. After he begs for forgiveness, the coffee machine drops the cup and dispenses the coffee. Could this be a sign that Dexter is thinking about converting?

Masuka and his intern, Ryan, are still interested in seeing each other. After they plan for a second date, Masuka gets a call about the hand Ryan stole from the Ice Truck Killer file. She placed it on eBay and someone was looking to bid on it. Before Masuka could win it back, the auction ended. Her excuse was that she needed the money for rent. Masuka fires Ryan, and their relationship ended.

After a joint session in Angel’s car, Quinn and Angel find a lead in the murder cases. Their signs point to Professor Geller. He was fired from his teaching position after being accused of stealing the sword of John the Revelator. This would explain the iron rust found in both of the victims. The gang stumbles across Geller’s Web site, which has its most recent posting being just before the Doomsday killing.

Elsewhere, Travis finds interest in a waitress at a restaurant where he and Geller are eating. Geller tells him that the word of their message is getting out. People are frightened, and their interests have piqued. Travis ends up dating the waitress later and goes home with her. Geller follows him and watches as they have sex. She is the next victim.

The next morning, Travis awakes to find his date tied and bound in the kitchen. Geller said there would be consequences. She has been “defiled” by Travis, and “she’s part of God’s plan now,” Geller says.

Miami Metro is called to the scene of a crime where fish are in a circle, and the center design completes the symbol used by the killers. They discover more traces of blood and discover the waitress hanging by her neck, but still alive. As they get closer, one of the police officers trips a wire, sending the waitress propelling into some spiked collars to her jugular.

Her arms are raised, revealing she has wings attached. It’s a representation of the Angel of Death. Dexter hears a sound from the closet. He opens the door to find a plague of locusts. When trying to rid of the locusts, Dexter sees Travis staring at the scene of the crime. He makes a mental note that he will see Travis later, as he suspects Travis to be killer number two.

Seeing as how Miami Metro already has a strong lead on Geller, and are very certain it’s him, how long will the writers drag out the meeting between Dexter and the two killers? It’s probably the earliest any killer has been discovered, seeing as how we’re only a third into the season.

I am also a little curious if this really is the end of the hot intern. Taking the hand and putting it up for auction because of rent money seems like an easy way to get rid of her, but I think there might be more to her story. Does she have killer intentions?

A third of the way into the season and Dexter is still holding up, despite an early reveal of the killers and a lot of other questions. The energy of this season’s first episode hasn’t quite kept up, and there aren’t a whole lot of surprises yet but I’m hoping the writers have something strong just waiting to be revealed.