Dexter Season 6-05 ‘The Angel Of Death’ Recap

This episode of Dexter held back on the killings and focused more on tracing the two Doomsday Killers. We also got to focus more on some of Debra’s struggles in her new role as lieutenant.

First off, Debra and Mike will probably not be hooking up any time soon. Thank God. Mike announced that he was married when he and Debra were confused for boyfriend/girlfriend.

Meanwhile, with Ryan possibly out of the picture for good, Masuka has hired a new intern. This time, it’s a male who is good with computers. Since Masuka can’t get the hand back from the Ice Truck Killer case, the new intern finds a way to get rid of all the evidence that leads back to him. The intern is very helpful to Masuka, and I’m wondering what the writers will do with him.

Harrison seems to have fully recovered after last week’s incident. Now that Dexter seems relaxed, knowing that his son is OK, it’s time to get back to business. During the Angel of Death investigation from last week, Dexter finds some glue that could be a lead to Travis and he kept it for himself.

He and Brother Sam are still best buds, and Sam pays a visit to the station. The shop was attacked and bullet holes were left in the building. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Sam asks to pay a visit to Dexter’s to check in on Harrison. During this time, there’s a little bit more bonding going on and it’s starting to look like Dexter might be connecting more to religion.

Elsewhere, Debra’s new role has her absolutely stressed. She’s been working at home at times, and there are times where she seems like she doesn’t know how much more she can handle. When Quinn comes in to ask for the engagement ring back, since he accidentally left it with her, she says she’ll give it back to him soon. When she finds it, she keeps it in her desk which makes me wonder if Deb will have second thoughts about the relationship with her and Quinn.

Meanwhile, Quinn is having the time of his life, picking up random girls to sleep with and living the single life. When he and Angel pick up a lead on one of Geller’s former teaching assistants named Clarissa Morris, they go try to get some information out of her. She claims to not know much about the connection between Geller and the recent murders. Quinn, being himself, asks Clarissa out for a few drinks. She accepts and they obviously end up together in bed.

Angel’s not too happy with Quinn’s decision, especially when he goes to get Quinn in the morning. Angel discovers some sketchings of Gellar’s that closely resemble the murders in a notebook in Clarissa’s apartment. Now that Quinn has slept with a supposed lead to Geller, is there a chance she will talk?

The only new murder this episode occurs at a house where a wife found out her husband was having an affair, shot him and then turned the gun on herself. It has no relations to the Doomsday Killers investigation or any of the random serial killers Dexter finds and kills. It felt a bit out of place and I’m not sure if the writers just threw the murder in there to have at least one crime scene or if it was just a way to have Debra find a new place to live, since that’s what ends up happening.

As for Gellar and Travis, Geller becomes aware that his face is now all over the news and Travis spots a paper with the front page mentioning his murders. It’s time to go into hiding. While Geller goes into hiding, he lets Travis get the next victim on his own.

In the episode’s final minutes, Travis and Dexter finally meet. Dexter kind of gets the gist of why Travis is killing and talks some advice into him, saying that Geller is not someone he should listen to. Instead of killing Travis, Dexter lets him go after a long, philosophical talk about murder.

But wait, we’re not done yet. Just as Dexter is giving his final thoughts, we see Brother Sam get shot in his shop! And with that, the episode ends.

Personally, I’m not really sure if I want the Debra/Quinn love story to restart in the middle of this season. Even though it might stop Quinn from being a horny, egotistical jerk, it will be just another thing to add on Debra’s plate which could cause some trouble. Quinn’s already made himself into an idiot by sleeping with the former teaching assistant and I wonder what that’ll do with his career.

As for Sam, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it out alive. His connection with Dexter was growing strong and was part of the reason that Dexter didn’t fully give up on faith or religion. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out that outcome.

Overall, this was a decent episode. Dexter is still chugging along, and while we’ve had some great moments, the episodes seem to just keep at a steady pace of being good, not great. It’ll still keep me watching, though. For now at least.

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