Dexter Season 6-06 ‘Just Let Go’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of Dexter came with a rather sad note. Brother Sam (Mos Def) was able to regain consciousness and talk to Dexter before he succumbed to his gunshot wounds. As this season progressed with Dexter trying to discover whether he’s a believer or not, it comes as a real shock that the one man Dexter seemed to truly connect with this is now gone.

That wasn’t the only shock in this week’s episode. Dexter’s brother, Brian Moser (a.k.a The Ice Truck Killer) makes a return after Dexter drowns Nick, who ended up being Brother Sam’s killer. Some Dexter fans apparently reported that this information leaked online but thankfully, I missed those spoilers.

Now, we all know The Ice Truck Killer is actually dead. Like Harry, this is just a figment of Dexter’s imagination. With this re-introduction though, I’m a little curious as to where the writers will go with his character now that he is back in Dexter’s life.

Before Brother Sam died, he told Dexter to forgive Nick for gunning him down. Harry came to Dexter before Dexter had a talk with Nick. Harry tells Dexter to go with Sam and just forgive this one time. During their talk on the beach, where Nick was baptized, Nick comes off as smug and arrogant about killing Brother Sam. Dexter lunges for him out of anger and drowns him in the ocean. When Brain appeared, it almost seemed to have this devil-like symbolism to it. If Harry told Dexter to not kill Nick, and Brian applauded him for it, does that mean Harry is the angel in Dexter’s new life, while Brian is the devil?

It’s revealed that Quinn slept with Clarissa Porter, a person of interest in the Doomsday Killer case. Debra gets upset and tells Quinn he could possibly lose his job. This doesn’t seem to faze Quinn. He just accuses Deb of jealousy, and Deb lets off four F-bombs in one sentence. “Are you kidding? I could give a f*ck who you f*ck. Just don’t f*ck with my investigation, you f*ck.” I’d count that as the most explicit Deb has been.

Speaking of Deb, she decides to throw a housewarming party and invites everyone she knows. This includes Quinn, who shows up drunk with a random girl from the bar. She finds out Debra is her ex-girlfriend and decides to leave him. Quinn decides to make himself more of an ass when he goes to hit on Jamie while she is talking to Luke, Masuka’s new intern. He compliments her on her body, and Angel tells him to back off. When Quinn doesn’t listen, Angel pops him a nice one, sending Quinn to the floor. When Deb goes to pick Quinn up from the floor, he asks Deb if she ever loved him. Deb doesn’t respond, as she doesn’t know what to say. “That’s what I thought,” Quinn says.

As for Travis and Professor Geller, they don’t make a killing this episode. One was planned with the girl from last week, whom Travis hit with his car. This latest victim was supposed to be known as the “Whore of Babylon.” Before Travis branded her, he has a slight change of heart and lets her go. The one explanation that could possibly be as to why he let her go is when Travis visited his sister’s school during a class period. He sat down with the children as they were painting what they wanted to be when they grow up. His sister says, “Don’t you envy them? So full of dreams and all the time in the world to make them come true.” Judging by Travis’ expression after this statement, it seems like he sees the light and doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. Geller is unaware of him visiting his sister and letting the victim go. There will certainly be consequences.

With the sudden twist at the end, I am a bit curious as to what the writers will do. This season seemed to focus on how Dexter was going to find religion. With Brother Sam gone and Brian back in spiritual form, will Dexter turn back to his dark side?

On another note, I am so glad Quinn finally got punched by someone. He was starting to get annoying, and someone needed to put him in his place. Thank you, Angel.

This episode really opened up a lot of questions about Dexter’s fate, Quinn’s job on the line and the relationship between Quinn and Debra. There are only six episodes left, and things are starting to heat up. The preview for next week’s episode brings back another character from a previous season of Dexter but I’ll keep my mouth shut until next week.