Dexter Season 6-07 ‘Nebraska’ Recap

After the shocking twist in last week’s episode, Dexter returns to show that our main character has a much darker side than the fans would expect. It doesn’t last long in this episode, though. With the return of Brian Moser, a.k.a The Ice Truck Killer and Dexter’s brother, our main character tosses everything he has in Florida and decides to take a road trip to Nebraska.

Why Nebraska? Apparently, Trinity has killed again. Sally and Rebecca Mitchell, Trinity’s wife and daughter, are now dead. Jonah, Trinity’s son, is still alive and was able to escape, according to Deb. Of course, Dexter killed Trinity at the end of season four before finding Rita in a bathtub full of blood. So who could have done this?

Debra brings about the bad news to Dexter and tells him he is free to take the rest of the day off but Dexter decides to take several days off. After killing Nick in last week’s episode, Dexter’s dark side seems to be coming into play. Brian is the dark angel of Dexter’s life. On the road trip to Nebraska, Dexter has sex with a hot convenience store clerk, steals the gun behind the counter, speeds down the roadway and shoots random things. That’s not really like Dexter, but I guess everyone has his or her own way of blowing off some steam.

To be honest, I’m glad the Brian Moser story didn’t last past this episode. Or at least, that’s what it seems like will happen. If it had continued after this, it might be hard to take the show seriously. The whole theme of Dexter finding religion might have been chucked out the window if this story went on. It does make for a decent diversion episode though.

Dexter needed a break from Brother Sam dying and the news of his wife’s killer coming back into the limelight. He was a bit sloppy in this episode as well. He killed a motel desk clerk, tossed his body in a grain silo and there’s no indication on where he left the kill weapon. This same clerk stole his weapons and forensic kit as well. Lesson learned: Don’t leave your car with sketchy clerks when you have knives, chemicals and many other things in your trunk.

Dexter meets up with Jonah, suspecting he is the one who killed Rebecca and Sally, but then lets him go because there’s no evidence that pins it to him. That’s one of Harry’s codes, which Brian does not live by. Jonah knows Dexter’s real name and knows that he’s the one who killed his father. Jonah wants Dexter to kill him, but he restrains to hear the story of what happened.

It turns out Rebecca killed herself. The mom blamed the kids for everything Trinity did. This led to Rebecca’s suicide, since she couldn’t take it anymore. Then, Jonah attacked his mom and killed her. Brian keeps provoking Dexter to kill Jonah, but Dexter sees that Jonah has a conscious and a heart. This shows that Brian and Dexter are two completely different people. Dexter tells Jonah to forgive himself, runs over the ghost of Brian, who slowly disappears in the rear view mirror, and heads back home. His religious side is really starting to show here.

As for the Doomsday Killer story, Travis and Geller are no longer partners. At least, that’s what Travis wants to have happen. Geller keeps trying to get Travis to come back, but he has no luck. Stalking him at every corner, Geller says that he and Travis were chosen by God to carry out these deeds. Travis continues to put him off and even returns everything that belongs to Geller. However, Geller doesn’t seem to be done trying to recruit Travis back, seeing as the photo of them together appeared back in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Debra is still slightly struggling with her new job and with Quinn. LaGuerta, in her first COMPSTAT hearing, grills Debra for getting the numbers on the murders in her district incorrect. It’s hard for LaGuerta in her spot as it is for Debra in hers.

Quinn comes to Debra and apologizes for making an ass of himself at the party in last week’s episode. Then there’s a little bit of closeness between the two and they kiss. When it seems like the writers might try to bring their relationship back to the series, Debra backs away and says it shouldn’t happen. Good call. Her job would probably be on the line if it did pick up again.

Again, this episode was a decent diversion episode for Dexter. The sudden appearance of Brian Moser highlighted how Dexter has become more forgiving in certain situations and how he is not like his brother. I’m not too sure if the writers will keep him that way the rest of this season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

With Travis distancing himself from Geller, I am a little curious how the killings will pan out since Geller said he would continue to do God’s work by himself. I know Dexter is still following Travis and when they meet again, I’m wondering if Dexter will handle the situation or turn him over to Miami Metro like a normal cop. This is the most exposed killer he’s dealt with so far so I’m interested in seeing how it all plays out.