Dexter Season 6-11 ‘Talk To The Hand’ Recap

I found it strange when Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter got married in real life and they play brother and sister in Dexter. They’re divorced now, but it always made me wonder how odd it must be to be married to the man playing your brother.

The reason why I bring this up is because in Talk to the Hand, the latest episode, Debra is told by her therapist that her feelings for her brother might be more than what she thinks. At first, she doesn’t believe her. Then, we see a scene of the two making out, which turns out to be a dream. Could the writers really try to start a somewhat incestuous relationship between the two? Remember, they’re not related by blood. If so, I don’t see it working.

Aside from the odd case of writers going too far, this episode of Dexter got pretty intense by putting just about the lives of every single member of Metro on the line, including more than one situation for Dexter.

Last week, Quinn was up to his usual antics and decided to get a drink instead of going with Angel to the house of Steve Dorsey, a suspected accomplice of Travis’. Angel gets knocked out by Travis and is about to be shot when Quinn comes in and saves the day. Travis escapes out of a window and even though Angel will always be grateful for Quinn’s heroism during this instance, he’s not sure if the two can continue as partners. This leaves Quinn a little down about the incident.

The homicide division is almost killed by Wormwood when Beth Dorsey walks in with an entire backpack full of the stuff. Dexter thwarts her plot by shoving her into an interrogation room and containing her and the chemical. She ends up dying and Dexter gets a little woozy from having a trace of the stuff enter his system.

Travis now has it out for Dexter and even paints a mural with his head surrounded by demon heads. Dexter lets Travis know he is coming by staging a murder scene at Travis’ work by using Geller’s hand and buckets of blood. Due to the Wormwood slowing Dexter down, our hero is unable to capture Travis when he has the chance. Dexter is captured and left to be burned alive out in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, he escapes before the explosion of gasoline goes off.

Meanwhile, Debra meets with Matthews about the whole call girl incident and has a hard time containing herself about her knowledge of it. Later in the episode, Matthews approaches her and tells Debra he’s being forced into retirement because of the incident. He thinks Deb ratted him out. She didn’t, but it seems that LaGuerta did. No surprise, since she is still not fond of Deb being promoted into the lieutenant position.

One thing that really seems played down as we approach the final episode of the season is the role of Louis, the intern. Sure, he’s a smart guy and he’s been helping a lot but he still has the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case. There’s a scene here where we see him draw on the palm of the hand and package it to ship to Dexter. What exactly makes him so obsessed with Dexter though?

This was a good build-up episode that has a lot of questions circling the mind of the viewer. There’s a number of things I’m still uncertain about and a number of things that I still wanted answers to.

Hopefully, all these questions will be answered in next week’s finale.