Dexter Season 6-09 ‘Get Gellar’ Recap

Prior to this week’s episode of Dexter, a rumor had circulated about how Gellar was already dead and Travis was just imagining him as still alive. At the very end of this episode, we find out that this is true. Gellar was just a figment of Travis’ imagination and, as far as we know, Travis murdered his victims single-handedly. Dexter does question himself in the voice-over narration, wondering if Travis might have had another accomplice or not. And while we haven’t seen Travis with anybody else, and it’s already the ninth episode with only three left for the season, I do have a sneaking suspicion of one person who could have possibly helped him.

Louis Greene, Masuka’s technological wiz intern, seems to be hiding some dark secrets about himself. We’ve seen him obsess over Dexter and the blood work in previous episodes. He was also the same guy who erased all the evidence of the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case appearing on an eBay-like Web site. In this episode, we see the hand in a hiding spot while he and Jamie are having sex. What exactly is Louis hiding?

In last week’s episode, Quinn and Masuka went to a strip club where Quinn got belligerently drunk and began to hit on the strippers. Masuka tried to get him to leave, but Quinn refused. We see what happens the following day when Quinn is passed out at his place. Angel awakens him, because he missed the morning briefing. Quinn’s gun and phone are missing. They come to find out it was left in the car of the girl he went home with. Since Quinn became single, he’s turned into a complete tool and it’s becoming a bit annoying. I’m hoping he overcomes it before the season ends.

Meanwhile, Debra is still seeing her therapist and she’s exposing more details about her life than she was in prior meetings. She’s also become a lot tougher in the office. The father of the call girl found dead in last week’s episode came forward and wanted Debra to reopen the case. Even though LaGuerta wanted it closed, Debra says she’ll see what she can do. Debra finally confronts LaGuerta about the whole situation and says she’s willing to get fired over the case.

Lastly, we finally see who LaGuerta contacted last week when the case was originally closed, it was Captain Matthews. This would explain why he suddenly stepped down. He was the one who tried to resuscitate the call girl after he found her dead. If this case gets solved, Miami Metro is going to be in some steep trouble.

Even though the Internet spoilers kind of ruined this episode, Get Gellar still had some nice twists to it to keep it going. These final three episodes should be pretty intense and I’m eager to see what happens.