Dick Clark “America’s Oldest Teenager” Dead At 82

Upon opening my internet browser yesterday afternoon I discovered, along with thousands of others, the death of television legend Dick Clark.  He was 82 years old and he passed away on Wednesday, April 18th, from a massive heart attack, according to his agent Paul Shefrin.  Some might remember that in 2004, Clark suffered a stroke, which caused many of his televised appearances to be cut short, such as appearances on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. For the past couple of years the show has been hosted with the help of American Idol‘s own Ryan Seacrest.

The star has been known for years as “America’s Oldest Teenager” and has also hosted a variety of television programming. American Bandstand was one of his most well-known.  The show allowed Clark to come into America’s living room every Saturday evening.  My mother used to tell me that no one went out on a Saturday evening before watching Clark’s broadcast.  This is a sentiment mirrored by many of the era.

What made Clark so admired was not only the fact he was an amazing man, but also the fact he was an amazing friend to all.  Clark had the ability to weave his way into people’s hearts. This is a sentiment that has yet to be doubted and evident in Ryan Seacrest‘s kind words about Clark.

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend Dick Clark. He has truly been one of the greatest influences in my life. I idolized him from the start, and I was graced early on in my career with his generous advice and counsel. When I joined his show in 2006 , it was a dream come true to work with him every New Year’s Eve for the last 6 years. He was smart, charming, funny and always a true gentleman. I learned a great deal from him, and I’ll always be indebted to him for his faith and support of me. He was a remarkable host and businessman and left a rich legacy to television audiences around the world. We will all miss him.” – Ryan Seacrest

Clark was able to combine rock ‘n’ roll and television like no other.  Some might venture to say this will never happen again.  fter all, during an era of music that produced Elvis Presley and the various backlash, including the payola scandals against the now iconic King of Music, Clark was still able to convince parents to like him. There are not many icons these days that can say the same.

In fact, many would probably be written off.  Clark however, insisted that he would behave himself.  He might have been far from the so-called rebellious  and dangerous attitude reflected of musicians at the time, but he still managed to present the world music that we will never forget. He will always be known as the man who captured America’s hearts, new and old.

Source: NY Daily News

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