Diggle’s Flash Cameo Won’t Address Arrow’s Green Lantern Tease


Amongst all the sadness of the Arrow series finale, there was a thrilling tease for the future. After years of fan theorizing, John Diggle was practically confirmed to become a Green Lantern when a glowing green object crashes in front of his house from space in the episode’s final moments. We’re now left to wonder where in the Arrowverse this thread will be picked up next. With Diggle dropping by The Flash next week, the answer seemed to be obvious. But we now know that’s not the case.

David Ramsey has revealed to TV Line that his appearance in the incoming midseason premiere of The Flash will not address the mystery of what happens next now that he’s got himself a Power Ring.

“No, that doesn’t happen,” Ramsey confirmed. “It is John Diggle over there as John Diggle, and we’re working on a case.”

The actor went on to discuss how Diggle turning up in the episode, titled “Marathon,” will allow for Barry Allen and his friends to deal with their grief over Oliver Queen’s death in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

“There’s a whole cast [of characters] over there that’s still recovering from Oliver’s death, and part of the connection to Oliver is Diggle, obviously. So Diggle’s presence there serves as kind of a conduit, a way to grieve. But there’s also a case, there’s something to solve… that Diggle’s a part of.”

Presumably, Diggle’s appearance will reference the other big development for him in the Arrow finale. The episode saw the would-be Lantern, Lyla and their kids relocate to Metropolis after Lyla took a promotion within ARGUS. This had led fans to wonder if Diggle will go on to become a regular, or at least recurring, presence in Superman & Loiswhich will kick off in the 2020/21 season. If so, maybe the fact that The Flash will skip over the Green Lantern reveal isn’t too bad, as we could still have it properly explored later this year.