Dinosaurs Is Coming To Disney Plus This Fall


Disney Plus has an impressive array of content, for sure, but there are a bunch of classic TV series that have yet to arrive on the service. The Muppet Show, for example, is absent from the site at present and there’s no sign of it coming soon. Another Jim Henson Productions series is finally about to drop on Disney Plus, though, and that’s 1990s prehistoric sitcom Dinosaurs

ABC’s new game show Don’t revealed the news, with announcer Ryan Reynolds (yes, that Ryan Reynolds) teasing that Dinosaurs will be hitting the service sometime this fall. That’s all we know for now, then, with a release date yet to be set, but this is good news for fans of the show, which is often talked about as an underrated product of the 1990s that folks should check out. Unfortunately, they’ve been unable to though as it hasn’t been widely available online.

Running from 1991 to 1994, Dinosaurs aired on ABC for 65 episodes. Similar to The Flinstones and the contemporaneous The Simpsons, it parodied and satirized modern life through the Sinclair clan, a regular family who just happened to be dinosaurs. The series’ breakout star was Baby Sinclair, sort of the nineties, puppet version of Baby Yoda. It was the brainchild of Jim Henson, who developed the idea in the late 80s, but he unfortunately died before it hit the airwaves.


Dinosaurs was once available on Hulu, but hasn’t been on there for a while. It’s still possible to purchase it through platforms such as Amazon, however.

Still, having it on the Mouse House’s streaming platform is pretty exciting and hopefully this means more Henson-produced content could be on the way, as the Muppets material on the service is frankly lackluster right now, given that Disney owns the entire Kermit kingdom.

Tell us, though, who’s looking forward to checking out Dinosaurs on Disney Plus later this year? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.