Directors For The First Two Episodes Of Both The Flash And Arrow Revealed


Earlier this week, we learned that there’s truly no rest for the wicked as the cast and crew for the hit series The Flash decided to forego taking Independence Day off, and instead were hard at work shooting the season 4 premiere. And while we did hear that it’ll be titled “The Flash Reborn,” there was little else to go on.

Fortunately, a few more details have surfaced in the time since. According to Flash TV News, Vancouver production charts list none other than Glen Winter as director for that very episode. And knowing how he’s already made many contributions not only to this series, but to pretty much every other major DC superhero show The CW has produced from Smallville and onward, we’re willing to say that the Scarlet Speedster is in good hands.

As for the episode to follow, that’ll see Alexandra La Roche getting behind the lens. Having “The Wrath of Savitar” under her belt, it could stand to reason that Greg Berlanti and company thought she was the right woman to explore whatever major changes are made to the lives of Barry Allen and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew before most others get the chance.

When it comes to Arrow, Green Arrow TV has it on good authority that James Bamford will direct the season 6 premiere. Aside from having brought us the first two installments of the previous season – in addition to the 100th episode – it’s important to note that he also serves as series stunt coordinator, so it’s probably a solid bet that we’re in for some incredible action sequences when Oliver Queen returns to airwaves.

Beyond that, Laura Belsey is said to be in the chair for episode 6×2. Seeing as how her resume includes “Canary Cry,” “Human Target” and “Honor Thy Fathers,” we’re not ruling out this being an emotionally taxing offering. Seriously, once we come down from Bamford’s high-octane fight scenes, don’t be surprised to see those who survived Prometheus’ attack dealing with whatever fallout ensues.

The Flash returns for its fourth season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW, with Arrow coming back for its sixth on Thursday, October 12.