Dishonored Project Rumored To Be In The Works At Netflix


Netflix clearly doesn’t care that people are still wary of video game adaptations almost 30 years after the disastrous Super Mario Bros. gave the genre a stigma it’s still struggling to escape from. With a vast array of properties in various stages of production and development across the live-action and animated slate, the streaming giant is eager to set the bar high.

On top of The Witcher launching a shared multimedia universe, Netflix is also working on Tomb Raider, Sonic Prime, Assassin’s Creed, two Far Cry shows, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, The Division and more. Established console favorites are clearly set to play a major part in the platform’s insatiable desire to churn out as much high profile content as possible.

The latest addition to the rumor mill claims that Dishonored could be next in line for the Netflix treatment, but that’s the beginning and end of the information made available, so details are scarce to put it lightly. Of course, you could pick any video game that’s sold a decent amount of copies and say that the company is considering adding it to the lineup, and there’s at least a small chance you’d be right.


The first installment in the Dishonored series boasted one of the more star-studded voice casts in recent memory, with Susan Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Carrie Fisher, Michael Madsen, John Slattery, Lena Headey and Chloe Grace Moretz all involved. The first game takes place in a troubled fantasy empire and follows Corvo Attano in the plague-ridden city of Dunwall.

A bodyguard to the Empress of the Isles, Corvo is framed for her murder and forced into becoming an assassin to seek his revenge on those who plotted against him, picking up some magical abilities from a mysterious being known as the Outsider along the way. As far as material for adaptations, there’s plenty to work with for either a live-action or animated series.