Disney CEO Says 10 Marvel TV Shows Are Currently In The Works

Loki MCU

As per Disney CEO Bob Iger, Marvel Studios has a total of 10 television series set within the MCU currently in the works for Disney Plus. The studio chief confirmed a chunk of news about Marvel’s incoming output for the streaming service during the company’s first quarterly earnings call. This includes exactly when we can expect The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision to premiere later this year.

We just got our first look at both shows during Marvel’s Super Bowl ad highlighting their Disney Plus content, and the same promo also teased Lokiwhich is due in early 2021. And, apart from those three, Iger officially stated there are many more on their way. “There are seven other Marvel series in various stages of development or pre-production,” the CEO explained.

So, what are these seven additional shows? Well, during Marvel’s Comic-Con panel last summer, they announced that the What If…? animated series and Hawkeye were also due as part of Phase 4’s line-up in 2021. Then, during August’s D23 convention, they announced an additional three series – Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-HulkThat makes eight in total, which leaves two unaccounted for.

It’s possible Iger is hinting at two further dramas yet to be announced, but it’s more likely that he’s referencing the two documentary series Marvel is also producing for D+. These are Marvel 616, an anthological series exploring “Marvel’s rich legacy of stories, characters and creators,” and Marvel Storyboards, following Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada as he uncovers “the origin stories and creative drives of storytellers of all mediums, backgrounds, and experience.”

Iger’s comment seemingly confirms that these 10 are the only Marvel productions headed for the streaming service currently being developed. However, there are no doubt many more on the way after these. At this stage, it’s just too early to discuss them. The first out the door though is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier this August.