MCU Fans Freaking Out After Disney Plus Crashes Because Of New WandaVision Episode

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

WandaVision has been getting more and more popular every week, as additional viewers catch up with the Marvel Studios series that’s gripping the internet with its weird mix of sitcom stylings and comic book madness. The show’s hype reached a new peak today, though, as the sheer number of folks who raced to watch the latest episode on Friday morning caused Disney Plus to face outages across the globe.

Tons of fans from the likes of the US, Canada and the UK checked into their D+ accounts this morning to tuck into episode 7 before they got spoiled on social media, only to find that the platform wouldn’t load at all. Many people were being faced with messages warning of “slow internet connection speeds” or “unexpected error” notifications, and as expected, the internet began freaking out.

Indeed, Twitter soon became full of fans practically losing their minds over not being able to watch the new WandaVision.

Down Detector, a site that monitors online outages, notes that there was a hefty spike of issues around the time of midnight on the west coast, which was exactly when WandaVision episode 7 went live. Those who got up early in the UK also reported problems with the streamer. Deadline, meanwhile, reached out for confirmation and was told that Disney Plus went down for a limited number of subscribers for only a short period of time before the issue was swiftly fixed.

Much like The Mandalorian before it, WandaVision is the latest D+ original series to take the world by storm. Over its first few weeks, as word about the first Marvel exclusive on the platform grew, the show climbed up the ranks of the most popular TV series chart, based on social media attention, fan ratings and piracy data, finally topping the list with its fifth episode. And with just two more outings of WandaVision left to go, interest will likely only increase with the promise that all the answers will be revealed.