Disney Fans Are Pumped For First Look At Tiana TV Series

tiana disney plus day

Disney fans are getting pumped for our first look at Tiana. Due to The Princess and the Frog not being the most successful of Disney animated movies, Tiana is seen by some as the forgotten Disney princess, as she doesn’t have the same kind of brand recognition as the likes of Cinderella and Elsa. That said, today made it clear that she still has a lot of fans out there. Tiana is trending on Twitter thanks to the news about her own self-titled TV series.

As part of the Disney Plus Day celebrations, the first image of Tiana has been released, along with the promise that it will be hitting streaming in 2023. The very first follow-up to the 2009 movie that featured her debut, Tiana is a long-form musical series from writer/director Stella Meghie which follows the newly crowned Princess of Maldonia as she embarks on a new adventure after her marriage to Prince Naveen at the end of the film. But though she’s heading to new pastures, her New Orleans past isn’t far behind.

This first glimpse at the show has caused an eruption of excitement on social media as the Tiana fandom is making itself known.

Her return means a lot to people, including one who took to Twitter to exclaim, “I’M LEGIT CRYING RIGHT NOW!”

Another observed, “Out of all the #DisneyPlusDay updates, seeing Tiana boosted my serotonin the most.”

Princess and the Frog was the very first Disney movie to star a Black princess, remember, so as one observed noted, “Disney need more Black centric movies and shows and I’m happy they are giving Tiana her due.”

And this time, it’s probable that it’s a series where, as another fan pointed out, “she ain’t a frog for the entire show.”

Another colorfully offered that they might subscribe to the service just for Tiana.

There’s lots of Tiana love going around right now.

Fans will be pleased to know that original voice actress Anika Noni Rose has confirmed she is involved in the series.

“Are you ready to follow the crowned Princess of Maldonia on a brand new adventure?!” she shared on Twitter. “Maldonia, New Orleans, and TIANA…the musical series. coming to Disney plus in 2023.”

Tiana might be a while away from debuting, but it promises to be a hit with subscribers when it does get here. In the meantime, The Princess and the Frog is streaming on Disney Plus now.