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Disney Plus announces ‘Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation’ to stream in August

It’s going to be fun in the sun — and the galaxy.

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It’s time to put some Star Wars in your summer with the announcement of an upcoming special airing exclusively on Disney Plus.

This August, fans from all over the galaxy will be gearing up for an adventure fit for a king — or rather, an extraterrestrial. Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation hits the streaming platform on August 5, and it’s sure to be one incredible adventure.

IGN reports that a conversation happening at a panel during the Star Wars Celebration shared the following information about the holiday special:

Summer Vacation takes place after Star Wars Episode 9, and sees Rose, Rey, Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca taking a vacation after defeating Emperor Palpatine. They’ll discover throughout the special that a number of other Star Wars characters in history have also tried to take vacations — which hasn’t always gone well for them.”

We’ve all lived the “dream vacation turned nightmare” life in some capacity, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for our favorite Star Wars characters as they have a less than stellar break — and in lego form, no less.

The Star Wars celebration has also announced several other Star Wars-related projects releasing in the coming months, like Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and a new documentary called Light & Magic, which dives deeper into the multi-dimensional realm we all love. 

You can see Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation streaming on Disney Plus on August 5, and check out the incredible array of Star Wars content on the streaming platform now.

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