Disney Plus wants to know what the fans expect from ‘Moon Knight’ season 2

Moon Knight
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Moon Knight has completed its first season and while no news about a second season has been revealed, it seems Disney Plus is currently gauging fan interest.

According to a report by the Cosmic Circus, Disney Plus has commissioned survey distributor Mar/Matchbox to question fans on their thoughts about Moon Knight and the character’s future in other movies or series.

There were four questions in total included in the survey with one of them looking for thoughts on nine separate characters.

1. “How would you rate the pace of this season of Moon Knight? Would you say it…” 

2. “How interested are you in watching a second season of Moon Knight?”

3. “How interested are you in seeing each of these characters for Moon Knight in future shows/movies from Marvel Studios?”

4. “If there was a second season of Moon Knight, please tell us what you’d like to see more of or have future episodes focus on.”

The characters that Disney Plus is looking at feedback about are the Gods’ Human Avatars, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Donna, Marc Spector, The Living Statue, Tawaret, Layla El-Faouly, and Mr. Knight.

If this survey is genuine it means that Disney Plus is looking to get some input from fans before they endeavor to craft the show’s second season. While the future of Moon Knight isn’t clear, it doesn’t seem likely that this first season was the first and last time we see the character.

Given its massive success, fans should expect to see the character pop up in some way within the MCU going forward. You can stream the entirety of the series on Disney Plus.

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