Disney Reportedly Discussing PG-13 Alien Show For Disney Plus


In their relentless quest to continue the Alien franchise by any means necessary, Fox were inviting pitches for a TV series back in 2018, before any plans were put on hold when the company was swallowed whole by the monolithic Disney. One of those angling to tackle the Xenomorphs on the small screen was Legion and Fargo creator Noah Hawley, who finally got his wish, albeit a little later than expected.

A couple of weeks ago, Hawley admitted that he hadn’t given up on the idea of an episodic spin on Alien just yet, only for it to be announced shortly after that he was set to collaborate with Ridley Scott on a show being developed for FX on Hulu. Of course, Disney own both the property and the platform, so the decision to send it to one of their subsidiaries would seem to indicate that it’ll be R-rated.

After all, the Mouse House inherited a valuable roster of adult-orientated brands when the Fox takeover was completed, but nobody wants to see the likes of the Xenomorphs or Predator handled with kid gloves, while they should leave Die Hard alone altogether. However, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that a PG-13 Alien project is in the works for Disney Plus, which is an avenue most definitely not worth exploring.

If a show is already in development for Hulu, then there’s really no need to create a separate and probably unrelated one for a different streaming service owned and operated by the same company. Of course, this is just one of many different spins on Alien that Richtman has claimed to be in the works over the last month or so, which means either Disney are going all-in on the brand or nothing is off the table at this point.