New Doctor Who Promo Teases An Action-Packed New Year’s Special


In a break with tradition, the annual Doctor Who winter special will air on New Year’s Day this time around rather than Christmas Day. The scheduling shift has caused a lot of controversy amongst fans, but at least the hour-long episode promises to be a terrific treat when it finally does arrive this coming week.

Today, a new promo from the BBC has landed online and it sees the TARDIS team – that’s Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker and companions Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh – teasing what makes “Resolution” so special. Whittaker says that she hopes the audience will have a good time and be continually interested and unable to look away, while Cole and Gill – who play Ryan Sinclair and Yaz Khan, respectively – promise that the episode will feature a lot of action, with the former teasing that it might be the biggest one in terms of spectacle that we’ve seen in season 11.

Walsh – who plays Graham O’Brien – might provide the most intriguing words, though. He ends the promo by saying: “There’s some interlocking things in the show that [the fans] will go ‘oh wow, I didn’t see that coming.’ They’re gonna love it.”

The most recent teaser trailer for “Resolution” definitely got the fandom excited, as it featured the sound of a Dalek crying “EXTERMINATE!” – surely promising that the metal meanies will finally reappear to face Whittaker’s Time Lord, after being absent for the past ten episodes. There’d been much speculation that the Daleks would turn up in the winter special, but this gave us the confirmation we were so desperately craving.

What form will the villains take when they return, though? Are we in for a radical redesign? We’ll find out when Doctor Who returns on January 1st, 2019.