Doctor Who Fans Freaking Out Over [SPOILERS] Return In Season 12 Premiere


After a long – and we do mean long – wait, Doctor Who finally returned to our screens today with its season 12 premiere and suffice it to say, it didn’t disappoint. While not perfect (some issues with pacing held things back), it was still a terrific outing for the show and has us eager to see part two in a few days’ time.

But perhaps the best moment was the big twist near the end, when it was revealed that Chris Chibnall and his team had brought back the Master, this time played by Sacha Dhawan. Yes, the beloved baddie is back in action and it’s safe to say that no one saw it coming.

Understandably, then, fans are freaking out over it and have now taken to Twitter to share their excitement, with but a sampling of what folks are saying found below:

So, clearly the fans are ecstatic about this, but how did Dhawan do in the role? Well, pretty good if you ask us. Sure, we only got a bit of him as the Master, but he appears to be giving us a very boyish iteration of the baddie, which could work out well. Some might say he’s a bit too traditional, but we’re certainly excited to see how he develops from here.

Tell us, though, did you tune in for the Doctor Who premiere today? If so, what did you think of the new Master and the episode as a whole? Take to the comments section down below and let us know. And be sure to tune back in on January 5th for part 2 to see where Whittaker and co. go next.