Doctor Who Fans Are Wishing Jodie Whittaker A Happy Birthday

Doctor Who

Happy birthday, Jodie Whittaker! The British actress turns 39 today and Doctor Who fans are flocking to social media to celebrate the star and how much she means to them.

After an already strong career in TV and film, Whittaker was catapulted into the spotlight back in 2017 when she was cast as the Thirteenth Doctor. So far, she’s steered the TARDIS for two seasons, with another in production right now. As the first female incarnation of the time traveler, Whittaker has well and truly made her mark on the fandom, as is plain from all the positivity going around the Who community on Twitter this June 17th.

There’s a lot of creativity spreading around, too, as fans are sharing their artwork to mark the special day.

She might be most famous for Doctor Who, but let’s not overlook Whittaker’s other key roles. Like her turn in cult favorite sci-fi flick Attack the Block, crime drama Broadchurch or her guest spot in an acclaimed episode of Black Mirror.

Of course, today also marks another Doctor Who icon’s birthday – Rory Williams actor Arthur Darvill! As fans will know, Whittaker and Darvill starred together on Broadchurch.

Doctor Who co-star Mandip Gill has given us a glimpse into how Whittaker’s celebrating her birthday this Thursday as well, sharing some shots of the actress on the set of the show on her Instagram. And it seems her quirky fairy princess outfit is proving to be pretty aspirational for some.

The sad news is that all the signs are pointing to Whittaker being on her way out of the series. She’ll appear in all of season 13, it’s being said, but may then only do two more specials to air across 2022 before regenerating into whoever the Fourteenth Doctor will be. On the plus side, that still gives us a long time left with the actress in the lead.

Doctor Who returns for its thirteenth season, which will clock in at eight episodes, sometime this fall.