New Doctor Who Photos Reveal The Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS


Last night, Doctor Who season 11 reached its second episode and gave the fans something they’ve been waiting for.

Due to the Thirteenth Doctor losing her time machine, the season premiere didn’t feature the TARDIS, but in this week’s installment, titled “The Ghost Monument,” the Time Lord recovered her lost ship on the distant planet of Desolation. And it had redecorated itself while she’d been away.

You might have seen the leaked images of the new TARDIS interior over the summer, which depicted the main control room with the lights turned off, but apart from that, the BBC’s kept the regenerated ship a secret. The closing moments of episode 2 finally revealed it in all its glory though and you can see it for yourself in the gallery down below.

In the episode, we saw that there’s an outer area to the new interior that’s darker and decorated with brass octagonal shapes. The central space is marked out by amber spider-legged buttresses that surround the console, while the console itself is more organic looking than what we’ve seen before, with a crystalline structure in place of the usually more sci-fi time rotor. The overall effect is of a kind of alien beehive located in an eerie cave.

It’s not really anything like the previous versions, but if we had to compare it to one it’d be the so-called “coral” TARDIS owned by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. That was also somewhat organic-looking, which was explained when David Tennant’s Time Lord revealed that the machines are grown and not built. It seems this set design’s a callback to that concept.

As for the features of the console, we got a look at a couple of quirky additions to it in “The Ghost Monument.” There’s a confectionery dispenser from which the Doctor nabs a biscuit and also a mini glass model of the TARDIS which appears to spin when in flight.

So far, we’re definitely digging it, but tell us Doctor Who fans, what do you think of the new TARDIS? Materialize on down to the comments section and have your say.