Doctor Who Season 11 Posters Offer First Look At The New Sonic Screwdriver


Doctor Who‘s SDCC panel brought us our first proper trailer for the upcoming eleventh season of the sci-fi series and now we have this new poster to go with it, as well as some awesome artwork.

Firstly, the art showcases the Thirteenth Doctor herself, as played by Jodie Whittaker, standing alongside her new best friends Graham (Bradley Walsh), Yasmin (Mandip Gill) and Ryan (Tosin Cole) in some sort of colorful vortex. The poster is the really interesting item, though, as it could well give us some hints as to what’s to come.

The hooded Doctor is shown surrounded by weird shapeless blobs while, excitingly, holding a new version of the sonic screwdriver. Typically, this particular gadget has become more elaborate and eccentric as time’s gone by but this model looks to be taking it in another direction, as it has a curve to it and it appears more like some organic metal implement than an artificially made device.

Fans will know that the sonic screwdrivers are often gifts to the Doctor from the TARDIS herself, so their designs often reflect the look of the new TARDIS interior. That could also be the case here, as the TARDIS’ new time rotor (the thing in the middle that goes up and down when the machine’s in flight) could be featured in the poster.

To the right of the Doctor, there’s an orange crystalline structure that resembles the rotor. Note that it’s a similar color to the new sonic’s golden glow. The roundels behind Whittaker also suggest the poster is “set” in the TARDIS.

On the whole, this new promotional material – when put together with today’s trailer – promise a bright, bold new season of Doctor Who, and we simply can’t wait to see what else is in store.