Former Doctor Who Star Says The Next Doctor Should Be A Person Of Color


Doctor Who looks set to go through some big changes this year. Jodie Whittaker is due for a regeneration after three seasons in the role and speculation is building as to who’s stepping into the TARDIS next. We’ve already heard Yesterday and Tenet star Himesh Patel and Black Panther‘s Daniel Kaluuya mentioned in connection with the part, and they’re choices which fit neatly in with what Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy has said in a new interview.

Speaking with the Radio Times, he stated that “a person of colour would be great” for the role. I agree, too, though there technically already has been a non-white Doctor, as the most recent season controversially retconned the character’s origins and featured Jo Martin as a pre-William Hartnell regeneration.

McCoy also discussed what he thinks the role required, saying:

“It has to be someone with lots of character. It can’t be someone bland and beautiful, rather handsome and characterful.”

He went on to specifically name Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith as a particularly inspired choice. At the time of his casting, Smith was relatively unknown and the youngest actor to date to take the role, meaning he faced intense skepticism from fans as to whether he was up to the job. But he knocked it out of the park and his tenure on the show is considered one of the best ever. McCoy heaped praise on him, too, stating:

“I was surprised when they got Matt Smith. He looked about 12, and yet he was brilliant! One minute he looks 12, the next he looks 125. He has the perfect Doctor Who face.”

McCoy also apologized for his controversial comments in 2015 when Whittaker was unveiled. Back then, he caused a stir by saying “I’m sorry, but no. Doctor Who is a male character, just like James Bond.” Now, however, he’s changed his tune.

“It was stupid sexism … I thought, ‘Why change it?’ But after five minutes she was the Doctor, as far as I was concerned.”

The Seventh Doctor was last seen regenerating into Paul McGann in the 1996 TV movie (and briefly in archive footage in the “Day of the Doctor” special), though McCoy has continued to play the Seventh Doctor in numerous Big Finish audio dramas.

With the show’s 60th anniversary coming up, he may be returning in some capacity and while a multi-Doctor episode will likely focus on the revival-era incarnations, Doctor Who should acknowledge its long history by including cameos from everyone who’s played the role.

Source: Radio Times