New Doctor Who Video Explores Peter Capaldi’s Regeneration Into Jodie Whittaker


Doctor Who‘s Christmas specials are often the most watched episode of the year, but this most recent one was even more important than most, since it acted as Peter Capaldi’s swansong as the Twelfth Doctor. It was crucial to get such a significant installment as good as can be, then and by all accounts, “Twice Upon a Time” delivered the goods and then some, giving us an emotional, enjoyable and well executed conclusion to Number 12’s story.

Though full of fantastic and memorable scenes, the most talked about is, without a doubt, the moment when Peter Capaldi regenerates into Jodie Whittaker, which takes place at the end of the episode. It’s what everyone had been waiting to see for months now and the Who team certainly pulled it off, sending Capaldi’s take on the character off on a high note.

But how exactly did it all come together? Well, a new video has been released today which shows us just that, and you can check it out down below:

Though quite brief, it’s nice to get some insight here from writer Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay, who explain a bit about what went into shooting this particular scene. No doubt, the upcoming Blu-ray (pre-order it here) will bring with it some special features that dive further into this, but for now, we’ll take what we can get.

With “Twice Upon a Time” behind us, it’s unfortunately going to be a quiet couple of months for Doctor Who fans, as they buckle down for the winter and prepare for the long wait ahead. Fear not, though, as we’ve heard that the iconic sci-fi series could be back on our screens as soon as April, and when it returns, it’ll be starring Jodie Whittaker in the titular role, as the actress looks to make history as the first female Doctor.