Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Teaser Trailer Released


The countdown to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special continues with a new teaser trailer for “The Day of the Doctor.” What does this teaser trailer reveal about the upcoming special? Well, not a whole lot. They don’t call it a teaser for nothing. That being said, we do get to see a lot of cool visuals of past Doctors and a titillating voiceover by current Doctor Matt Smith, so that’s something.

“Our future depends on one single moment of one impossible day,” Smith tells us. “The day I’ve been running from all my life. The Day of the Doctor.”

Sure, the trailer doesn’t tell us much other than the name of the special, which we already knew, but at least it gives us something to look at besides the six pictures we’ve been obsessing over for the last week. Those pictures showed the three Doctors that will be included in the special (including the heretofore unseen “rogue” doctor played by John Hurt), one of said Doctors hanging precariously from the TARDIS, and of course, current companion Clara Oswald, looking all companion-y.

One might infer from the presence of Daleks in the trailer that they will figure into the plot of the special somehow. Or it could just be that they were in the trailer because they’ve been such an integral part of the Doctor’s history. After all, robot dog companion K-9 is shown in the trailer as well, and there has been no mention of him nor female human companion Sarah Jane appearing in the special (which is a shame, because that would afford us more opportunities to make jokes about the short-lived spin-offs K-9 and Company, The Sarah Jane Chronicles, and K-9).

So when exactly is this Day of the Doctor? November 23rd, that’s when. Until then, we can probably count on more teases from the BBC to whet our collective appetite for the Doctor Who anniversary special.