Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat Reveals Chilling Alternate Ending To Fan Favorite Episode


Doctor Who,

Ten years ago today – June 9th – one of the most beloved episodes in Doctor Who‘s fifty-odd year history aired. Titled “Blink,” it’s notable for several reasons. For one, it was a rare instalment that didn’t focus on the Doctor (played by David Tennant at the time). Instead, it starred future Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan. Not only that, but it introduced perhaps the most iconic monster of the modern version of the show: those ultra-creepy living statues, the Weeping Angels.

To commemorate the episode’s anniversary, writer Steven Moffat has penned a retrospective look at “Blink” for the official Doctor Who website. Interestingly, he spoke about how he would totally change the episode’s ending if he was to write it again today. Fans will remember that things wrap up on a hopeful note for protagonist Sally Sparrow (Mulligan), as she’s seen holding hands with her friend Larry (Finlay Robertson). If Moffat could have his way, though, he would swap this heartwarming moment for another jump scare.

“[Sally’s love of the past] makes me wonder why an Angel never set her back in time. All these years later, I wonder why I didn’t end it like that? Just after she meets the Doctor, she pops back into the shop – and big fright, there’s an Angel there! A moment later Larry follows her in, and she’s gone. And for the first time he notices something about a painting on the wall – it’s Sally, in the distant past. And she’s smiling and waving.”

Personally, we think Sally deserved a happy ending after proving herself when using her wit and bravery to defeat the Weeping Angels. In fact, it would have been awesome if the conclusion actually saw Mulligan joining the Doctor in the TARDIS. She would have made a fantastic companion, don’t you think?

Doctor Who is currently airing on Saturdays on BBC America and the promo for the next instalment can be viewed below.

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